What I Wore Wednesday

The finals freak out has struck.  Buh-bye Thanksgiving break, hello fire and brimstone?  Or something along those lines.  The lovely thing about English professors and education professors is that they don't believe in traditional testing.  I really do love this, and it aligns with my teaching philosophy, A LOT.  But I long for the days of normal finals.  Instead I am up against a crazy (by my own design, I mean really I was a bit ridiculous spinning a YA novel into a unit on epic literature, choices, responsibility, & censorship- you can see the connections, right?) unit plan, service learning portfolio & reflection about these kiddos and second language acquisition, a literacy strategy implementation plan, and Mr. Cook's homecoming right. around. the. corner!

Without further ado, some days were forever preserved, and others were not.  Thanksgiving is one of those days.  I just wanted to hang with my family and forget how much I ate or how much it showed!

Wednesday 11/24
{Thanksgiving prep.}

first can I say what a difference an AM shower and actually styling my hair make (note to self: do this more often)

ya'll know the details of this outfit by now, but the rockin' boots were a steal ;)  upcycled hiking boots turned snow shoe traction machines!

Thursday 11/25

No photos of yours truly, but I thought I'd share these outtakes of my beasties during Thanksgiving prep.  They love to hang in the kitchen, I told my mom to pretend like she was on Food Network, because that's what I do.  They loved it and got gold stickers for good listening skills.

Saturday 11/27

scarf: my mom
sweatshirt: modified hand me down from bestie (buh-bye wonky nip buttons)
jeans: maurices
fuggs: wal-mart

Sunday 11/28
{visiting Mr. Cook's grandma and uncle}

I love Mr. Cook's grandma (and his uncle) but she is especially special.  My grandparents died when I was young and I really miss that experience that so many of my friends have.  We talk a lot about Marshall, she helped raise him and turned him into the incredible man I am blessed to call my husband.  She gets teary eyed every time we talk about the deployment(s).  Today we talked about her relationship with Mr. Cook's grandpa, and what it was like to be in love during WWII with your loved one in war across the world.  So incredible to have a shared experience despite our very different lives.

scarf: hand me down from bestie
sweater: JcPenny's
jeans: maurices
fuggs: wal-mart

Monday 11/29
{homework craze and some Christmas shopping}

hat: urban outfitters, discount days
fleece: old navy, on sale this week $10
jeans: american rag
boots: maurices

December Daily has begun, I'll post my pages tomorrow night! Go see what others wore this week and get inspired by an awesome Starbucks knock-off wreath created by Lindsey.


The Adventures of Ordy and Joon said...

ummm your black dog look so similar to my bandit! (skinnier, but similar!) and what are you talking about this is an adorable WIWW!!!

Kelly said...

Cute as always! And I love that you went to visit Marshall's grandma. It gave me goosebumps really!

Andrea @ Knitty Bitties said...

Totally left you a comment ... that now isn't showing ... grrrr. BUT, I came back to say I love the new blog look ;).