What I Wore Wednesday: Marathon Training Clothing Does Not an Outfit Make

I'll be honest, I have spent most of my days in my marathon training clothing.  Sounds fancy huh?  It's not.  It consists of running shorts with briefs built in, a sports bra, a men's t-shirt, socks and my tired running shoes.  Post run, I shower, obvees, and then I put on a fresh set of marathon training gear, because you know it is good to be in appropriate attire for any marathon, including that of the marathon my DVR and I have been having on. a. daily. basis. Shudder.

Should you fancy yourself some of the best marathon training clothing around: 

Men's shirt: Hanes, WalMart
Shoes: Nike+ Bowerman Series, Nike Outlet
Training partner: Having naughty displacement and digging issues, punishment reward time, 3 miles

Hence my intervention with my clothing hoarding self and weight gain denial.  Thanks (I think) to the e-book, The No Brainer Wardrobe, I am on my way to recovery.  I'll do a full post when I've thoughtfully rebuilt my wardrobe.

Is that a bath full of clothes?  Why yes, yes it is.

Holy scandal pants (wait, there are no pants and your sarong is on inside out)!  Lady of leisure day.  Ghetto pool floating and croquet playing with the best of company, other English teachers, obviously.

Fedora: Urban Outfitters (Men's)
Bikini: JcPenny's Juniors
Sarong: Gift from Mexico, ole!

Parents' annual BBQ bash.  

Fedora: Urban Outfitters (Men's)
Top: JcPenny's Juniors
Shorts: WalMart (the shock, the horror!)
Sandals: Gummed up refinery, JcPenny's

Closet purging day.  Of all days to get dressed?  Why not wear sequins and a scarf whilst cleaning out your entire closet.  Seriously.  I've gone mad.

Scarf: Ann Taylor Loft (did not survive the purge)
Sequin racerback: Gift from a friend ;)
Skinnies/Jeggings: TjMaxx
Gladiators: Target


Scarf: Urban Outfitters (Men's)
ShineOn shirt: Groupon
Boyfriend jeans: Levi's, JcPenny's
Leopard flats: Mossimo, Target

Go check out more information about The Shine Project here.  As an educator, this is a t-shirt I couldn't pass up.

One more thing.  I'm cutting my hair off today.  I'm nervous/excited.  Hair is something you wear daily and is a source of much joy/frustration for me.  I made a pact with myself to grow my hair out: LONG. The problem is, it won't grow any longer, I spend way too much time styling it and I always wear it down anyway.  Time for a fresh change and perhaps to look a bit more professional and less like my students.  Here is my inspiration picture, wish me luck.

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What I Wore Wednesday: "Self, it's Time for a Closet Intervention"

Here are just two of the awesome outfits I put together this week and they are precisely why I am beginning my closet intervention/revamp at once.  Why do I hoard the clothing, why?

I felt pretty good about this outfit. I think the top and the jeans will both survive the closet purge.

Top: Old Navy (pretty scandal pants for the work environment, so I wear it with a cardigan there)
Flares: Old Navy
Flip Flops: JcPenny's

Belt: FarmChicks find, for holding the pants up and concealing the muffin top, all whilst bedazzled with rubies and leather tooling :), and $10 to boot!

I tried a new make-up technique that day, more like a make-under.  It's been a nice time saver, now that I have tons of time on my hands?!?!

Now this outfit starts to get into the questionable category.  It's okay, but I'd like to feel a little better than okay, you know?  

Top: forever21
Cargo capris: Old Navy
Flip Flops: JcPenny's (I will spare you but these have a giant wad of gum stuck on the bottom.  Seriously.  I have a problem.  Especially when it comes to the parting with yucky shoes?)

"I'm tick, tick, tickling ya with my toesies". Oh kid history, you brighten the darkest of days.

No, I am not opening my open pedicure palace, funny you should ask.  But I am in love with my Julep Maven subscription and I wanted to show you some of its fabulousness.  This was in my introductory kit, "Classic with a Twist".  It's called Susie.  But it was really opaque and since I'm not a pedicurist, I topped it off with some glitter to hide my flaws.  If only I could put glitter on everything.  Although glitter on a love handle would probably just accentuate it.  I digress.

Here is the Julep info. should you feel so inclined to paint your "toesies".  

  1. Take the fun Julep Maven style quiz and discover your style profile.
  2. Sign up to be a Maven, a monthly subscription including two nail polishes and an extra 'goodie' shipped straight to your door.
  3. If you're a commitment phob, you can skip the month, or send it as a gift to someone else.  And if you don't like your style profile's selection for the month you can switch it up, free of charge and hassle, to another profile.
  4. Love it?  Enter code: color2012 at checkout to receive your first month (normally $19.99 plus shipping) for only $.01.

No more talk of fun sparkling toes and good deals, I have to go revamp my closet using The No Brainer Wardrobe.  I'll let you know how it went next week.

Please tell me you too hoard shoes with gum on them or that have lost their insoles?  Anyone?

Go see what others are wearing and get inspired!

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Insta-Friday: My first summer!

I just completed my first year of teaching and now I am soaking up the joys of my first summer.  I haven't had a 'summer' since I started life-guarding at the age of 15.  It has been amazing.  I'm beginning to understand why it's people's favorite season.

Scenes from our first My Favorite Things party inspired by Julie's at Joy's Hope.  I loved this party!  But I loved having my home full of amazing women and co-hosts (Andrea, Kelly, and Jessica) even more!  You can read more about the party over here; Kelly is so good at documenting our adventures!

The after affects of partying hard: Clover, Harrison and Jazzy.

Grocery shopping: I'd like to pretend I'm a lady of leisure and pay someone else to do it, but who I am kidding? I don't like it.  But I do like lists and I do like color-coding.  However, I have to trick myself.  I also get myself a little liquid encouragement from the Starbucks before adventuring through those forsaken doors.

I got inspired by a blog post and decided to make-under my make-up routine.  I like it. A lot.  I've been doing it every day, five minutes and no new products. Sha-wing!

I love playing in the dirt.  I'm so happy to have my garden ready to plant in this year.  Our soil = clay.  Great for pottery, not so great for growing ANYTHING.  Hence, the garden boxes.  I also love our patio because my hubby worked so hard on it last summer.  It's our little suburban oasis.

Ack.  Marathon training.  This is a love/hate thing right now.  As in I hate every stinkin' minute I am running and I have a mental battle the. entire. time.  As in: Am I mentally insane/should I be institutionalized for doing this?  Why am I torturing myself?!  I love it when I rip holes in my jeans from the friction caused by my thighs giving each other high fives every time I walk.  Touche, self.  That is why I am doing this.  I am pretty mentally weak and my lack of exercise led me to have an intervention with myself.  Marathon training? Why not.

Went and saw it by myself.  I think  I'm starting to like my own company more and more.  I like to do a lot of things by myself.  Going out to breakfast with a book and watching movies solo are my faves.  Especially when the movie is only $1.  

Oh Wildcat in your softball uniform. H-O-T.  His teammates call him wheels.  I love going to his games because he's so in his element and he looks really cute running those bases.  Rawr, Wildcat, Rawr!

Sister sewing date.  Love.  Not because I love my sister in a sister-wife way (which is what this picture lead to on Instagram) but because I love dates with my sister where we sew? Not getting any better is it?  She is so awesome at what she does.  Sewing is hard work but such awesome gratification too.  She is also a really nice photographer, like makes you look like you have muscle tone you really don't.  

I am in love with summer.  (Not myself, the season)  Onto another fantastic week!

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5 Minute Face

This morning while I was catching up on blogs I stumbled upon this post on JustLove.Ly Things featuring quick and easy beauty tips for summer.  I watched the video and was immediately reminded why I love Carmindy (from TLC's What Not to Wear) so much.  Even though I have lots of free time on my hands now with summer vacation, I know my days of taking an hour and half to get ready are numbered.  (Please don't think I'm insanely vain, this is from start to finish with a shower, blow drying, hair and make-up)

So I decided to put the 5 Minute Face to the test and try it myself using the make up I had on hand.  I like it!  It really only took 5 minutes, and that was with an added step of filling in my over plucked sparse brows.

Here are the products I used:

I started with my face:

  1. I started with my CoverGirl Smoothers Tinted Moisturizer, applied with the sponge as suggested.
  2. Then I applied some of my Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15, in lieu of concealer, with my finger tips to touch up my dark circles under my eyes and blemishes.
  3. Then I "carmindized" my face using an Arbonne eyeshadow as my highlighter.  I used the blush brush to highlight my cheekbones, and then the shadow applicator brush to highlight my brow bone, tear duct, and around my lips.
  4. I brushed Everyday Mineral's Powder in Natural over my face to remove shine and set the liquid.
  5. Then I applied Everyday Mineral's Blush in Truly Tiger to the apples of my cheeks.
  6. Finally, I applied Wet and Wild's Lipstick (this is sooo rare for me, but I really like the polish it added to the simple make-up).
And finished with my eyes:

  1. I filled in my sparse brows using Wet and Wild's Taupe Eye Liner and distributed the color using my brow brush.
  2. Then applied Makeup Forever's Creme Eyeliner using my Sephora Eye Liner Brush.
  3. Set everything with another application of Everyday Mineral's Powder in Natural.
  4. And finished with an application of Avon's superShock Mascara to my lashes.
Here's the end result, fresh, easy and not over done.  Perfect for those rushed school mornings and those lazy summer mornings.

What is your make-up routine?  Your favorite beauty products?  

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