House Love

It's been really quiet around here (as in this little space on the internets, not really quiet as in my life).  Really quiet.  But I miss writing and blogging and photographing.  So I'm back; I'm hoping to be more consistent for myself and for all ya'll if any of you are still reading ;)  We have some life changes coming up and my memory is shotty at best (and that's an understatement) and blogging helps me remember life and share it with family and friends and readers.

One of those life changes is putting our house up for sale and moving out of the country suburbia we're currently in and looking for/building our next home closer to the city.  This change has come about a bit by accident, through casual conversation with our friend who is a realtor.

{Swan Falls- Our closest truly recreational space}

{Our current city- 6 Restaurants, 1 hardware store, 2 banks; it's quaint but it's at least a 30 minute drive from everything we enjoy doing}

We asked if it would even be possible to look at moving towards the city, expecting that if we did hear a yes it would be followed by several contingencies-like downsizing, considerable remodeling, etc.  Instead we heard a yes with no contingencies and even better news.  After a little under 3 years in our current home, we will be able to make enough of a profit on the sale of our home to move us to our dream location and either purchase a home we love that is move-in-ready, new construction or enable us to build our own.

{Trading Swan Falls for the Boise River, Barber Park and miles of greenbelt and trails right outside our door}

{Gaining access to downtown, culture, and BSU in under 10 minutes without increasing our commute}

We think we'll have the house listed by April, which is a good thing considering Mr. Cook is leaving for a four month school on the East Coast.  It's exciting and nerve wracking but we know Boise is where we want to start our family and build a home.  In the meanwhile my mind is being filled with floor plans and house love.

Help a girl out would ya?  Which of these floor plans do you like the most?  Which floor plan do you think is the most suitable to raising a family (long term)?







Thanks for helping me dream :)  I've missed you.

Mr. Cook would like to keep his Man Cave and would like to ask that you take this under consideration when putting in your two cents.