January 7, 2009

Overslept.  Not a huge surprise given last night's 'activities'.  Mr. Cook was at work while I burnt a plethora of our wedding pictures for his aunt.  A trip into town to visit his grandma in the hospital, pick up dry-cleaning and to fuel up at Costco.  Nothing too thrilling.  The hospital was rough.  We got home enjoyed a dinner cooked by my dad (one of the nicer things about living at home again), Marshall watched the BCS championship bowl while I indulged in some House Hunters and Real Housewives (I just cannot help myself)! 

Early in the day in the midst of many a CDs burning, I caught Clover and Lucky watching something out the window together.  I couldn't for the life of me see what it was.  Lucky gave up (knowing that no one was going to let her out to get 'it') but our darling girl kept at it for minutes, hours.  Adorable. 

January 6, 2009

Today was a wonderful day.  We slept in, woke up mozied around, did a little reading, a little Facebooking and then watched a terrible movie together.  Which most people would not find to be a productive use of time, but did we ever.  Sometimes there is nothing better than watching a really awful movie and being able to poke fun at it (do not rent Beyond a Reasonable Doubt- unless of course you are entertained by bad movies!).  At least the rental was only a dollar.  Following the movie we got dressed in our finery and went into Nampa (our old homestead of 6 months- where Mr. Cook and I lived with Mr. Cook's best friend- not a desirable living condition and a very pricey rent to boot).  We went to an awesome North-Western Cuisine restuarant, Brick 29.  We received a giftcard to the restaurant for our wedding so we thought we should put it to use before Mr. Cook left.  Yum-O.  I had the lamb shank he had the buffalo steak, a cup of tomato bisque and a bowl of french onion, top it off with a bottle of the Simi Cabarnet Sauvignon '06, and a creme brulee. 

And then we got 'the' call.  One of Marshall's buddies hurt himself snowboarding and was in the hospital, since we were in 'town' anyway we thought we should go.  A comical visit with Jo-Jo's family and the okay from the doctors we made the long trek home and promptly slumbered away our dinner.  (Joe is going on the deployment as well so the injury was worrisome for everybody- but the doctors gave him the go ahead so while his flight be more uncomfortable than the rest of the guys he will still be going)

No picture for today (I'll do this- I promise- I'm trying?!) but a link to Brick 29 ought to suffice?


New Year...New Me...hopefully

Most of you who know me, know that Mr. Cook is about to embark on a year long 'adventure' to Afghanistan.  A decision we mutually came to because one of us is very excited and eager to change the world first hand, and the other one of us loves this about the other one and wants to see them happy and serving their purpose in life.  And so I Mrs. Cook am determine to actually take advantage of my awesome domain name (which somehow hadn't been taken?!) and put it to use.  I am going to blog a little of my life, our life, our trials and triumphs every day this year so that we can both be a little more up to speed on what is going on in the other's life.  Pretty simple but just what we need.  Our last deployment was difficult, and while this one will be as well I think we're both hoping to approach it and endure it a little differently.

So here goes:
(already four days behind)

January 1st
Followed a very fun night of celebrating which meant this day was spent doing little of anything.  Mr. Cook enjoyed football, I spent the day moving our possessions back into my parent's home and attempting to nest a space already nested.  Lots of bickering between myself and Mr. Cook, i.e. my stuff has no room, maybe you should put it away then...and the like.

(Soon there will be a video of Mr.Cook as he rang in the New Year- while not his most memorable New Year celebration it was nice and I'll remember it for a long while)

January 2nd
Tonight we celebrated Mr. Cook's going away party with some close friends- a really great day.  We ran errands all morning and ended the day with a jaunt into town, dinner, and celebrating until about 1:30 in the morning where Mr. Cook hit his wall.  A $5 cab ride later and 'we' were enjoying our suite that I named my own price on- stellar deal.

January 3rd
We woke up fresh as wilted daises and scarfed a complimentary hot breakfast, then enjoyed the crisp air as we returned to our car.  Mr. Cook carried our overnight bag on the same shoulder I carried my purse, I'm sure we made quite the pair traipsing down Capital Boulevard. Home.  Angels and Demons.  Zzzzz.

January 4th
Early morning drive into town for more househunting (more to come on this later) and a rampage tour of 16 homes in a matter of a few hours.  One rockstar.  One white mocha.  One stop at Fred Meyer to pick up tissues for someone's very runny nose.  One new home we love, although Mr. Cook can only refer to it as 'the comical house'- lots of stairs, lots of rooms, lots of good hiding places for someone to escape someone else's nagging yell.  Lunch at the delicious Sawadee Thai Restaurant: one jerry roll- split between two, two bowls of egg drop soup, one bowl of miso soup, one sesame lover and one pad thai with beef.  Yum!  Stopped at the store on the way home got queso making supplies.  Home= queso + fiesta bowl + adult beverages + and one stellar BSU victory.  Go Broncos!

January 5th
Mr. Cook back into work, me = new military ID card-I'd rather be working.  Lunch with two of my favorite girls, begging and pleading for a permission number for one of my Spring semester courses, and robbed of nearly $300 at the book store.  All is fair in love and education, right?  Stopped at the store for some sourkraut for tonight's dinner of sausage and potatoes and picked up some movies for Mr. Cook and my dad.  Dinner = so good, so starchy.  The boys watched District 9 downstairs, the girls watched Julie & Julia upstairs.  Good day, good night.