31 Days: Hey Mama!

Here I am, jumping into the deep end of the pool in my new mom-suit, body riddled with stretch marks, to give the 31 Days Movement the ol' college try. Sidenote: what I wouldn't give to be back in college, but really though.

And I suppose I'm really here to write my thoughts on this new chapter of my life: Mamahood. Or, more like the things I wish my girlfriends, mom, sister, strangers would have been honest with me about before our little man arrived (the things they all WANT to tell you, but they don't because there's an unspoken rule of not terrifying moms-to-be).  

So I suppose I'm here to terrify you, or to be honest with you, which is always a dose of terror in and of itself.  But mostly I'm here to hold your hand.  To tell you the things you desperately need to hear before your little one arrives, after they arrive, when you're in the thick of 'it'.  Because I've had some amazing hand holders in my own journey to the 'hood and I want you to have that too.

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