What I Wore Wednesday

Hmm, so this week didn't go as planned.  Only 3 outfits to show you and one is essentially a last week repeat (but I am bananas for this outfit).  It has been really cold here, and the beginning of my Thanksgiving break, so I'll be honest this week I've been a lot of the reason why Lindsay started WIWW.  Hee!  But it's also been really nice to do that too, that and to not have my clothing choices critiqued by the ever fashionable fury ;)

{go Broncos!  the fury was far more pleased with this choice than my inadvertent support of the wrong team a few weeks ago}

t-shirt: wal-mart, I'm too poor to even by my own university's clothing
undershirt: men's thermal, Urban Outfitters
jeans: maurices
sneaks: roo's, Journey's

{it's beginning to look a lot like Christgiving}

scarf: bestie's hand-me down
fleece: scary old, oldnavy
undertank: hanes men's, wal-mart
jeans: american rag, from bestie
boots: DSW (my 'hunting' boots)

{crazy.banana.love outfit}

so i dig my hair like this, but definitely preferred the bottoms during the debut of this outfit
scarf: JCPenny's
shirt: JCPenny's
jeans: bestie's hand-me down
fuggs: walm-mart
earrings: Idaho Indie Works (birthday gift from bestie)

Go see what others wore this week, particularly those who got dressed everyday, instead of just 3 ;)  Oh P.S. there's a super cute give-away too!


Michele said...

Your comment about being broke made me laugh. I remember being a newlywed and broke. It's not like we're making the big bucks now (my hubs and I are teachers) but at least now we don't eat Totino's party pizzas every night. Oh yeah, I really like the yellow scarf :) Happy Thanksgiving!

Amber said...

Hey honey, love that scarf and those Roos I am having a big yellow moment myself. Thanks for stopping by and you always need a forgiving dress at this time of year, so there is plenty of room for all those lovely dinners and holiday treats! Have a lovely weekend. ax

Jodi said...

"fuggs" - I love it! I'm sooo going to call my pair that now. I love the whole outfit too. Plaid + yellow = adorable :)

Mandi C said...

girl you go put on some leggings right now because you could totally rock them! Don't know what you're talkin' bout.

You are freaking adorable! That yellow scarf and plaid is so fantastic, I love it.

Mandi C said...

ALSO! I love your new blog look. fyi. :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE your last outfit the most! The other ones are cute, and I love those Pumas, but wow that last outfit is rockin'! Yellow is your color! You are gorgeous, girl.

Also thanks for stopping by my blog!

-kylee (laskuh)