The last of the shiny things!

Last winter, Mr. Cook made fun of my fear of driving in the snow.  It was a very snowy winter here in Idaho and we had a daily commute of 30+ minutes each way.  I know how to drive in the snow, I've lived here my whole life, but I grew up driving a Jeep, that handled really well in the snow.  The cobalt, while it was cute, speedy, and had really low miles, was the snow's nemesis.  And Mr. Cook found this out one day when we traded vehicles.  "I can't believe you've been driving this," he said.  I know.  So we discussed maybe getting a new car...sometime.  And then I got home from Europe and had a flat tire, which was really no big deal.

Until the tire shop informed me that all of the tires needed replaced.  Mr. Cook's response?  "Why don't you start car shopping then?"  I happily obliged.  I have never gotten to go car shopping before, let alone pick out a car.  And while I was sad to see these happy fellas go, I may be able to find a new home for them...

One that looks like this:

It's going to be a good fall semester.  


Mama needs a new pair of shoes

Er, something like that anyway.  Let's just say there has been a whole lotta new going on at the Cook home...a...lot.  Notice that nothing about my incredible trip to Europe has been posted?  Well, it hasn't been for lack of wanting to blog it, write it, and document it before it entirely leaves my memory...suffice it to say that my PC is on it's last leg, and a peg leg at that.  My laptop, which has served as my only computer since 2005 is just plain pooped.  And who can blame it when it has been loaded down with Photoshop, the full Microsoft Office Suite, iTunes, etc. etc.?  But don't worry, Mr. Cook and I have been working on a solution for a long time.  And it looks a little something like this:

{Clover and Jazzy's replacement }
{The Mac Daddy}

But surely this won't suit you at school?  I mean honestly, how do you expect to carry around a 27" monitor in a weensy-little messenger bag (I just had to throw in the outrageous monitor, bam!)?  Well, rest easy, like I said this plan has been in the works for a long time.  Mac Daddy came with a baby.

{Mac Baby, swoon}

Long story short, I had an amazing experience working at an elementary school as a reading tutor through AmeriCorps.  The pay was less than minimum wage, but it solidified my love for and desire to teach and it came with a pretty education stipend at the end.  What to do when your husband graciously transfers his GI Bill/Tuition Assistance to you?  Figure out what to do with your stipend of course!  Bah, bah, enter Macintosh conversion plan, now happily complete.

Icky, Motorola Razar, which determined my entire house was a dead zone after I got home from Europe,  say farewell!  Your replacement is not only smarter, but also functions...like a dream.

{little pup not included, but she could be my very first giveaway! j/k...i think}

And lastly a little bit of happy, new and free centerpiece action going on.  Well not exactly free, but I fully intend to eat every one of those little Cuties.

There has been one more very exciting new addition in these parts, but that will have to wait for tomorrow, hee, I'm dog tired from all the shiny stuff.