Happy Birthday Sis!

Happy Birthday to one of the coolest, strongest and most admirable women I know.  You are awesome.

{always there when I need you}
  • Thanks for feeding me lemon pepper by the spoon full as a lil one, without you I wouldn't have mastered my array of facial expressions.
  • Thanks for teaching me the art of bargain shopping, beginning with me digging through your garbage can for anything cool you may have thrown away.
  • Thanks for trying to salvage the worst haircut of my life and telling me it looked cute even though it was very David Cassidyesque and not at all like Josie's from Josie and the Pussycats.

    • Thanks for teaching me the running man, invaluable life skill.  Seriously.

      But most importantly thank you for being an example of a woman who is righteous, for being the best new wife mentor ever and for being my friend (even when I haven't made it easy).  I love you!

      P to the S: So glad you are breaking your sugar fast today because your Bunko Birthday is going to be rockin'!