What I Wore Wednesday

So this week ushered in true Idaho weather, completely unpredictable and really. really. cold.  I like to call our local weatherman Larry the Liar :)  I wore a really cute outfit yesterday, but I neglected to take a picture ...it was a long day.  And after battling hail, tutoring, a lovely dinner with a friend, and a yellow ribbon meeting, I just wasn't feeling up to snappin' a photo.  Maybe I'll wear it again for you next week.

{not only does cooler weather mean lots of layers, it also means blurry pictures, or something like that}
hat: a lovely friend's mother after I ooh-ed and ah-ed over his
vest: target, alla last year's Black Friday shopping (don't worry Andrea, this year, I know what I'm in for)
thermal: Urban Outfitters, discount days
jeans: American Rag, bestie's give away
undertank: men's Hanes
boots: Maurices

Thursday & Friday
{nobody around here sees me two days in a row, hee!  I completely forgot about our state's rivalry college football game, however.  Definitely wore the wrong losing team's color and heard about it all day from the fury}
scarf: JCPenny's awesome sale
plaid flannel: JCPenny's awesome sale
jeans: American Rag, bestie's giveaway
boots: Maurices

{met up with some lovely friends in the afternoon for some girl time, psst, notice the new rug?!}
infinity scarf (not unity scarf, don't make this mistake of calling it this and having the 15 year old at H&M in Seattle laugh at you, repeat after me: Infinity scarf)
sweatshirt: Burlington Coat Factory, shawing!
jeans: Maurices
new rug (living room make over inspiration): JCPenny's awesome sale, $55 (I kid you not, woot woot)

{with the fury}
scarf: Old Navy
cardigan: JCPenny's, awesome sale!
blouse: JCPenny's, awesome sale!
slacks: Maurices, maybe?!
flats: WetSeal

Go see what other ladies are wearing!  This week Lindsey snapped some outfits from the Queen Bee Market, sooo cute.


The Adventures of Ordy and Joon said...

love the yellow scarf!

Lisa said...

you look so cute! love all of the scarves- i'll have to remember in-fi-ni-ty :)

Susanne said...

love the outfit with the yellow scarf! and love the rug too. don't you just love jcp? i find the best sales there!

Michele Alger said...

You made off w/ that way fun yellow scarfed outfit (my favorite color) and even make plaid adorable (maybe even attemptable for me!;) Lookin' great this week. Thanks for sharin'!!

Anonymous said...

Looking adorable and warm. You must share tips. My winter clothes are BORING!

Dania said...

Love the plaid shirt/yellow scarf combo. Very cute! I think I might whip out my plaid top this week.


Dee said...

I seeing JCP in an entirely new light!! I think I've been in there twice in my life, but you look sooo cute!!

Michele said...

You found some awesome stuff at JC Penney. I love the thrill of a good deal. Your scarves are all so cute. The H&M story had me cracking up! I always enjoy your WIWW posts!

Princess Jessie Pants said...

Love your outfits as usual!! I need to get on the WIWW too. Although - I'm thinking this SAHM won't have nearly as cute of stuff as you do! :)

Andrea @ Knitty Bitties said...

Go you ... you're so good at this ;). Seriously, need to hang the mirror when I get home. I think I have a spot now that the treadmill is out of the bedroom.

Love the Thursday/Friday outfit ... that yellow scarf ... hello!!

Now why don't I know about this awesome sale? It better be because I was over here shoppin' Home Goods, DSW & IKEA and not there with you :).

P.S. Seriously, need to rally for the Black Friday ... I keep having thoughts of not bothering ... what is wrong with me?!?!