A Very Important Message...

Pardon this interruption of non-blogging due to finals freak out and the impending return of a certain someone, but I've got some exciting news to share with you.


My heart is resting easier.

Because my ♥ is on its way back home.

It may not be home in time for Christmas.

But knowing it will be safer soon is a pretty incredible gift too.

This deployment was hard.  They all are, but this one was especially difficult for us both.

There is something about being married that makes it very different.

And even scarier than before.

And there were some events that were too close for comfort for this Mrs.

But this is what his ♥ loves.

So it's what my ♥ loves too.

More on the deployment and my thoughts later, right now I am just incredibly happy and blessed.


Princess Jessie Pants said...

Oh YAE Summer!! So glad he's on his way home. Praying for both of you!! <3

Andrea @ Knitty Bitties said...

My heart is very happy that your hearts will soon be reunited. Praise the Lord for his safe return! This is enough happy to carry you for quite awhile ...

Mom said...

All of our hearts will rest easier when he is back on U.S. soil. I am so very proud of both of you.

Kelly said...

I can only imagine the relief you're feeling knowing he is on his way back to you. I'm praying he'll be home for Christmas but I'm sure whatever day he gets back will be a sweet day!

Jami said...

so so so so so happy and jealous! cant wait for us all to play!