What I Wore Wednesday

Have you started playing along yet?  No?  You should. There is nothing more motivating when you want to just roll out of bed, than knowing that you are going to be posting a picture of yourself on the internets :) Head to Lindsey's to see what other wonderful women wore this week.

I'm happy to announce that I did not burn my whole wardrobe, although it was seriously considered.  Instead, I am dedicating a portion of my lovely Halloween weekend to editing my closet.  Which is pretty timely since a mouse diseased vermin  has found its way into my box of winter clothes.  Maybe I'll get to do some shopping too?

This weekend was the Girls' Reunion Part II.  I got to see my bestie again, who flew in for our friend's beautiful wedding.  Which meant girls' night, which turned into girls' brunch, then Halloween costume shopping, the wedding, a lovely lunch, and some costume sewing.  Phew.  Already missing my Katie Holmes doppelganger, but so happy to have a productive weekend, this weekend.  I hope...

{Spending some quality time with the fury}

cardigan: GAP old, pilly all over, love it to pieces
ruffle blouse: Miley Cyrus for Wal-Mart, yes!
pants: JC Penny's
shoes: constantly worn, Urban Outfitters
bored pupper: Idaho Humane Society

{Not feeling so hot, no school, but I had to go get myself some pick me-ups}

black under shirt: GAP Body
gray tank: GAP
jeans: Old Navy

{borrowed from bestie's FB, so apologies for picture quality} 

Um, yes, this was Girls' Night, obviously.  That's my other skinny, lovely friend Allison.

swimsuit cover-up tunic: Target
cami: WetSeal (used to be my bestie's from high school...awesome)
leggings: WetSeal
boots: Macy's (birthday gift from bestie many moons ago)

{also borrowed from bestie's FB}

At our friend's wedding.  Which had amazing. dance. all. night. until. they. ask. you. to. leave. music.

dress: White House Black Market  (wear #2, the cost is killing me less and less)
killer dance moves: I'll share my secrets...someday

{sleeping off festivities, lunch date, sewing with burlap in a black fleece sweater, not pictured for obvious reasons}

{evidently my students didn't care for my boots since I was asked several times if they were hunting boots, gotta love working with kids with expendable incomes and all the time in the world to stay up on the trends}

jacket: Forever21
sweater: Cannot remember
skirt: Target
boots: DSW
earrings: old

{crazy weather/home BSU game, love our team, don't love having to repark my car in the middle of classes}

rain slicker: Old Navy
thermal tee: men's Urban Outfitters
jeans: American Rag (recently possessed after trip to see bestie)
fuggs (fake uggs): WalMart
interested puppers: corner gas station


Lovely Haunting

It's that time again, I'm playing along with Heather, the awesomely talented and strong-mama creator of Blessed Little Nest for Live Made Lovely (click on her adorable button to play along or see what others are doing to make their life lovely).

This is a bit of a belated lovely, but I'm enjoying my efforts made a few weeks ago to make our home a little bit of eerie for Halloween.  I love Halloween, I think because I love the fall and I love horror movies (only the classics, the new ones completely freak me out) and I love to dress up.  I wasn't ever that great at drama, although I definitely gave it my all, much to the dismay of the actual drama geeks (thank you Mr. Shaddick and the Meridian High School drama club for allowing me to participate, even if I was only cast as the widow in The Taming of the Shrew).  So Halloween gives me a chance to feel like an actress, if only for a night.

Halloween is also Mr. Cook and I's original anniversary, our dating anniversary, our "I think we should only see each other anniversary" (Mr. Cook's way of asking me to be his girlfriend).  He was a nerd and I was a go-go dancer, complete with an amazing and authentic afro.  We were a sight to see, unfortunately that hard drive died many moons ago so you all won't get to feast your eyes on that little bit o' lovely.  Suffice it to say even with Mr. Cook away I couldn't wait to decorate our first home.  

{our counter scape}

{amazing Dollar Tree finds}

{my take on this lovely tutorial, finally pumpkins that match my decor}

{I'm in love with this Scottish before-bed saying, I made it using this font, but all you need to do is click here and press print, and then of course burn the edges of your paper and terrify your puppers}

And of course I had to add some non-eerie autumn decor.  I can't show you my outside decor because it is currently inside due to gale force winds...even though we're land locked.

{I made this wreath with some lovely ladies, I'm not super happy about the way it turned out, but it took forever long enough so it is hanging proudly on the Cook wall}

{free-form flowers, alla me.  I know, I know you are begging me to open an etsy shop}

{in it's happy new home}

Hope you have a lovely week and a lovely Halloween.  Mr. Cook has his hulk mask in Afghanistan and I'll be a zombie Amelia Earheart.  


What I Wore & What I Wish I Wore

Um, super, so who has already fallen off their let's begin practicing for December Daily, which is practice for Project365, by documenting their outfit every day wagon?  Not you? Oh right, me.  Things have been a little crazy around here to say the least, the semester is in full swing and I am starting to do some of my own lessons, which is so crazy, fun, exciting, and nerve wracking.  And since my bestie's move to Seattle in September, I've already been to see her twice (eh hem, one of said trips was an epic mission to move her and her possessions in a two day fury mid-monsoon).  And a certain someone is home soon, which means I've re-found my nesting mojo and my get my "morbidly-obese over confidant woman" back in shape motivation (30Rock reference, I am not morbidly-obese...yet).  To boot, after a girls trip to see my bestie with skinny friend this weekend I'm re-thinking my entire wardrobe.  I mean thinking burn it all  donate it all and start over.  So please point me in a better direction, for the love.  

Friday 10.08
Um, no worries, you don't need to remind me what day today is, or that this was obviously from a different week.  I thought I'd include it because I feel like it was a cute outfit and in the direction I'd like to go...and it shows you my old hair, so you can be shocked by my new hair.  All you need to do is scroll down, which in my book burns approximately 3 calories.

tunic top (formerly a dress): Urban Outfitters
flower clip: Ladies' Church Retreat
jeans: Diva skinnies, Old Navy
flats: Urban Outfitters

Wednesday 10.13

old man cardigan: Urban Outfitters
t-shirt: Forever 21
flower clip: Ladies' Church Retreat
pants: Maurices

Thursday 10.14
Wish I would have worn:

{via here, here & here}

Friday 10.15

Skinny friend's debut, I know she is nice, adorable and skinny and works at The Loft

anorak jacket: Eddie Bauer (adore this jacket)
silk blouse with necktie: Express (purchased in Dallas with Mr.Cook for some evenings out)
jeans: "borrowed" from bestie (i.e. I never wear those any more, I'm sure I wouldn't notice if they made it home with you)

Saturday 10.16

Skinny friend would have to give you the deets on her outfit, but it was unbelievably cute- she always is

cardigan: legitimately borrowed from bestie
sheer tunic: also borrowed from bestie, she bought it at Target
infinity scarf: H&M purchased during last Seattle trip
jeans:  newly acquired "borrowed" skinnies from bestie
flats: Maurices

I had to show you this picture of my bestie, one, because those are my boots and I can't wear them with skinnies to save my life and two, she has an uncanny and I mean uncanny resemblance to Katie Holmes in this picture.  Yes, I have beautiful friends :)

Sunday 10.17
Wish I would have worn:

{via here, here, & here}

Monday 10.18
Wish I would have worn:

{everything from here except for the shirt from here}

Tuesday 10.19

head band: Claire's (yes, really, Claire's)
scarf: Urban Outfitters
sweater: Anthropolgie (majorly on sale last winter)
jeans: now my skinnies (don't worry they were washed Monday)
flats: Urban Outfitters

You should play along too, hop on over to lindsay's.  So, any takers?  Donate wardrobe and start fresh?  What style am I?  How do you love and wear the clothes you have?