About Me

"Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men."
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

That quote is my life's ambition in a nutshell.  It goes beyond living life to the fullest, for me it means dreaming big, helping big, and inspiring big.  I do all three on a daily basis in the varying roles I fulfill: military wife, mama to Little Cookie, friend, temporary SAHM, high school English teacher on hiatus, party planner, DIYer, decorator and crafter.

I love my family, friends, and The Fury.  The fury are my 216 Freshman kiddos I attempt to teach English; they're pretty amazing for freshmen.  After pursuing a degree in journalism I had a life changing interview with Malcom McDowell ("Alex at Large" from A Clockwork Orange), an interview that made me change majors a semester before graduation.  I wanted to empower people and I didn't feel that what I had been exposed to in the journalism program allowed me to do that; teaching did and does on the daily.  And now I am so incredibly happy and content.

My love for party planning, DIYing, decorating and crafting began as a teenager- much to my parents' and sister's dismay (think a Coca-Cola themed bathroom complete with cutout Coca-Cola boxes adorning the walls and Betty Boop towels) -and has evolved, thankfully, into my current passion.  Each apartment, home, room, and party provides me with the unique opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind experience that 'just feels right'.

My passion hit an all time high when planning our very frugal, very DIY wedding; Mr. Cook and I were married in 2009 at my parents' home out in the Idaho country.  We have not only endured but have grown better through two deployments, several unit changes- going from Army Guard to active duty, three homes, two roommates, three fur babies, and our most exciting adventure to date: Little Cookie.

In addition to dreaming, helping and inspiring, I love to write, read, photograph, eat, cook so I can eat, watch movies, window shop, blog stalk, nap, hike, run, listen to NPR, travel, and collect friends.  That's me (and The Cooks) in a nutshell.

Are your dreams big enough to move the hearts of men?