Insta-Friday: My first summer!

I just completed my first year of teaching and now I am soaking up the joys of my first summer.  I haven't had a 'summer' since I started life-guarding at the age of 15.  It has been amazing.  I'm beginning to understand why it's people's favorite season.

Scenes from our first My Favorite Things party inspired by Julie's at Joy's Hope.  I loved this party!  But I loved having my home full of amazing women and co-hosts (Andrea, Kelly, and Jessica) even more!  You can read more about the party over here; Kelly is so good at documenting our adventures!

The after affects of partying hard: Clover, Harrison and Jazzy.

Grocery shopping: I'd like to pretend I'm a lady of leisure and pay someone else to do it, but who I am kidding? I don't like it.  But I do like lists and I do like color-coding.  However, I have to trick myself.  I also get myself a little liquid encouragement from the Starbucks before adventuring through those forsaken doors.

I got inspired by a blog post and decided to make-under my make-up routine.  I like it. A lot.  I've been doing it every day, five minutes and no new products. Sha-wing!

I love playing in the dirt.  I'm so happy to have my garden ready to plant in this year.  Our soil = clay.  Great for pottery, not so great for growing ANYTHING.  Hence, the garden boxes.  I also love our patio because my hubby worked so hard on it last summer.  It's our little suburban oasis.

Ack.  Marathon training.  This is a love/hate thing right now.  As in I hate every stinkin' minute I am running and I have a mental battle the. entire. time.  As in: Am I mentally insane/should I be institutionalized for doing this?  Why am I torturing myself?!  I love it when I rip holes in my jeans from the friction caused by my thighs giving each other high fives every time I walk.  Touche, self.  That is why I am doing this.  I am pretty mentally weak and my lack of exercise led me to have an intervention with myself.  Marathon training? Why not.

Went and saw it by myself.  I think  I'm starting to like my own company more and more.  I like to do a lot of things by myself.  Going out to breakfast with a book and watching movies solo are my faves.  Especially when the movie is only $1.  

Oh Wildcat in your softball uniform. H-O-T.  His teammates call him wheels.  I love going to his games because he's so in his element and he looks really cute running those bases.  Rawr, Wildcat, Rawr!

Sister sewing date.  Love.  Not because I love my sister in a sister-wife way (which is what this picture lead to on Instagram) but because I love dates with my sister where we sew? Not getting any better is it?  She is so awesome at what she does.  Sewing is hard work but such awesome gratification too.  She is also a really nice photographer, like makes you look like you have muscle tone you really don't.  

I am in love with summer.  (Not myself, the season)  Onto another fantastic week!

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Kelly said...

Love it all! Loved the party, love that you're a crazy dog lady, love the patio (girls night?!?), love the crate liner, love that you love your husband :), love that you mentioned the jean incident...I may have laughed out loud at that part. :)