I'm Just Mad About Saffron

After reading this post on Gussy Sews, I started to notice all of the yellow in our home.  I've always liked the color but recently I've come to love it and it seems to be appearing in lots of ways throughout our home.  It is happy and energizing and fresh.

Something I see and use every. single. day.  The case is well loved and showing its affections but it is a little pop of sunshine in my purse.

I cannot begin to explain how much I love forsythia.  As soon as it starts to appear I know the doldrums of winter are gone and spring is on its way.  Although these are fake they are such a happy greeting to our front porch.  And they help keep wet nose prints from appearing allover the entryway window.

I crazy love this canvas piece my sister made me for Christmas.  Did you know she started out as a graphic designer?  I also love these free prints from dimpleprints that are framed to the left expressing the words of the same favorite song.  Sunny prints do a happy spring/summer entry mantle make.

Splashes of yellow on the fabric liner my seester helped me make for my peach crate from our annual Farm Chicks trip.  It is currently serving as the fur babies' toy bin.  

This lovely pillow slip cover made from a vintage Filipino rice sack found on our Farm Chicks 2011 trip adds some sunshine to our brown couch.

The guestbook from our wedding was a gift from our friend, a local photographer.  It is the perfect yellow and complemented our somewhat eccentric color palette for our wedding: red, turquoise, yellow, orange and grey.   It's a happy reminder of all the wonderful family and friends that celebrated with us that day.

Our newest addition, Harrison, is not yellow.  But I love the punch of color this old vintage striped rug from my days at Urban Outfitters adds to our beige living room. I only bring it out for the spring and summer, otherwise I don't think the Mr. could handle it in all its girly splendor.

I've even got yellow in my bathroom.  I found this great faux-vintage radio on our Farm Chicks trip from 2011.  It is perfect for my shower jame sessions.

A custom paint job on my mixer, done by one of the Mr.'s coworkers is a happy splash of color in the kitchen.  

My garden markers are even festive in a souvenir we picked up while attending a wedding in New Orleans several years ago. 

And perhaps the happiest of all the yellow clutter in our home?  My cruiser.  We were finally reunited after a year apart.  It had to be completely rebuilt after the spray painting catastrophe of 2008.  Some thing should not ever be spray painted Julie, and this sad excuse for a cycle was proof.  But now? Now we will ride!

You know I wouldn't leave you hanging right?  I know this isn't the original song, but I've always loved this commercial.  

How do you incorporate color in your life?

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Ashton Bower said...

Two peas in a pod... if peas where yellow! I am addicted to anything that screams sunny happiness and am proud to be a mellow yellow gal with ya!