5 Minute Face

This morning while I was catching up on blogs I stumbled upon this post on JustLove.Ly Things featuring quick and easy beauty tips for summer.  I watched the video and was immediately reminded why I love Carmindy (from TLC's What Not to Wear) so much.  Even though I have lots of free time on my hands now with summer vacation, I know my days of taking an hour and half to get ready are numbered.  (Please don't think I'm insanely vain, this is from start to finish with a shower, blow drying, hair and make-up)

So I decided to put the 5 Minute Face to the test and try it myself using the make up I had on hand.  I like it!  It really only took 5 minutes, and that was with an added step of filling in my over plucked sparse brows.

Here are the products I used:

I started with my face:

  1. I started with my CoverGirl Smoothers Tinted Moisturizer, applied with the sponge as suggested.
  2. Then I applied some of my Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15, in lieu of concealer, with my finger tips to touch up my dark circles under my eyes and blemishes.
  3. Then I "carmindized" my face using an Arbonne eyeshadow as my highlighter.  I used the blush brush to highlight my cheekbones, and then the shadow applicator brush to highlight my brow bone, tear duct, and around my lips.
  4. I brushed Everyday Mineral's Powder in Natural over my face to remove shine and set the liquid.
  5. Then I applied Everyday Mineral's Blush in Truly Tiger to the apples of my cheeks.
  6. Finally, I applied Wet and Wild's Lipstick (this is sooo rare for me, but I really like the polish it added to the simple make-up).
And finished with my eyes:

  1. I filled in my sparse brows using Wet and Wild's Taupe Eye Liner and distributed the color using my brow brush.
  2. Then applied Makeup Forever's Creme Eyeliner using my Sephora Eye Liner Brush.
  3. Set everything with another application of Everyday Mineral's Powder in Natural.
  4. And finished with an application of Avon's superShock Mascara to my lashes.
Here's the end result, fresh, easy and not over done.  Perfect for those rushed school mornings and those lazy summer mornings.

What is your make-up routine?  Your favorite beauty products?  

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