What I Wore Wednesday (In April and Now That I'm on Summer Vacation)

What better way to come back to the internets after a year long hiatus than with a WIWW post?  None.  Never mind that all of these photos, except for the last one, were taken in April.  Evidently in April I was feeling the need to get ready, and then May arrived.  And did it ever.  But my first year of teaching is complete; it was crazy, wild and awesome (more often than not all of these things at once).  But let's get onto that week I was actually accountable for getting myself ready for my hubby, students, and the general public.

Awkward stance: all me/genetics?
Dress: crazy love it, JcPenny's
Shoes: disgusting old and decrepit, Urban Outfitters

Clover dog showing off her daily outfit.

Pfft, nope, she just wanted pets.  We call this pose, "sit pretty".

Cardigan: wear it way too often, JcPenny's
Dress: Old Navy
Belt: Target (a cheaper lest constricting version of my what demon possessed me insane Anthropologie purchase)
Boots: Wet Seal, so well worn I have to color the already faux-wood plastic sole with a Sharpie (high class? no question)

Knit Blazer: adore it, JcPenny's Junior Section
Tank: circa 2009, Old Navy
Trousers: now & then too small, JcPenny's
Shoes: last season, Target
Necklace: Lucky, modified by yours truly

This was a hard day, the day my husband's unit left for Afghanistan, without my hubby. He was too recently deployed to go.  We are both happy he is home and part of the rear-det, but there is a control freak aspect to each of us that is terrified our friends are there without him.  Godspeed 168th.

Easter Dress: Old Navy
Shoes: my birthday Tom's wedges, actually very comfortable

This outfit, shudder, cute in concept, really unfriendly in reality.
Shirt: Old Navy
Pants: boyfriend Levi's, JcPenny's
Shoes: Wet Seal
Necklace: JcPenny's

Cardigan: strikes again, JcPenny's
Dress w/Belt: JcPenny's
Boots: Target
Earrings: Old Navy

Scarf: Can't remember?!  But I wear it a lot.
Sweater: Kohl's
Tank: JcPenny's
Faux Dress Pants (elastic waist awesomeness): HauteLook
Shoes: Wet Seal
Earrings: Avon

Reality Check.

Hat: I wear it way too much, Urban Outfitters
Sweatshirt: perfect weight, Target
Shirt: Fear the Bull, the design students at my high school
Shorts: JcPenny's
Flip flops: can't remember, but they're awesome

I did good for one weekin April.
This is what I wore yesterday, my first day of summer vacation.  Perhaps WIWW will need to become a true accountability measure now.  

Link up and play along!  Or go see what everyone else wore!  I'm also linking up with Casual Friday on Two Thirty Five Designs.


cate @ wild ruffle said...

Oh, I LOVE the striped blazer - how fun! Enjoy your summer vacation. The kids around here aren't out for another week and a half, but I'm really looking forward to more time with my oldest daughter.:)

Jessie @ Dream and Differ said...

Great outfits! {Even the striped shirt/white pants one, I thought it was darling!} I love your Easter dress and the stripy blazer. Enjoy your summer vacation!

Blessed Little Curl said...

I'm STOKED you are blogging again! Love that I can hear your voice while I'm reading...love the way you write :)
You are 100% adorable!

Jill said...

Great outfits!! I love that striped blazer!

Momma Totally in Love

Kelly said...

I totally agree with Jessica! I'm so happy you're blogging again and I can hear you saying all this! :)

I love all your outfits. I think you're adorable in anything! I especially love that you love JCP as much as I do :)

Courtney and Heather said...

WOW...Lots of cute outfits! My favorite is that chevron dress from Old Navy!!

Thanks for stopping by!



TwoThirtyFiveDesigns said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! It is all fabulous!

I would absolutely LOVE to have you link this up on my Casual Friday link up party starting tomorrow, it would be perfect!


Ashton Bower said...

Oh ya you're back! I think we should have a JCP date ;>