Thankful: Days 21-25

Day 21: Marriage Counseling.

{Our rings, photo taken by the incredibly talented Toni Jewell}

Yep.  We're going.  We needed to after the wake-up call.  And it has been really good.  Did you know having a good marriage is a skill?  That it takes more than just loving the person you're with?  So happy we went when we did.  That we have an awesome counselor.  That she gets "us" and where we're coming from and how much we are both invested in making this work.

Day 22:  Bunko!

There is nothing quite like this monthly get together of women.  I love it.  Not for the dice rolling or the awesome home cooked meal.  But for the girl talk.  The conversations.  The laughter the Tuesday pick me up at the end of the month.  So happy to be a part of this special group of ladies.

Day 23:  Sleep.

I am so thankful for sleep.  It quiets my mind.  It is the only time I can really turn off and tune out to the to-do list, the grading, the stress.  Most days I need a twenty minute power nap when I get home from school to turn off my teacher brain and turn on my wife heart.

I am thankful that I can sleep in peace.  That I do not have to worry about not waking up or what might happen while I rest.  A feeling easily taken for granted by most of us.

Day 24:  Family.

Today was a great day spent with family.  It was just the 7 of us, for the first time, in a long time (or maybe ever) together on Thanksgiving.  Cook and I hosted.  The meal was delicious, but more importantly we spent time together, as a family.

Day 25:  My Relationship with my Mom and Sister.

I'm pretty blessed to say that they are my friends, not just my family.  We get together often (although I think we'd all like to get together more) and laugh and talk and enjoy one another's company.  Even when it is raining and cold outside and there are cops everywhere at Target on Black Friday.  So happy to have both of these women in my life.  They are great examples to me, but also great friends.

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Andrea @ Knitty Bitties said...

Ahhh, well I am blessed by you too. So lucky we are to have each other.

There is lots for you to catch me up on tomorrow though ... you can't share stuff on your blog that your seester doesn't even know about?!?! :D