Thankful: Days 26-30

Day 26:  Craft Time.

So thankful to have a craft room to call my own.  It's a work in progress, but I am so happy to have it.  A space to organize, to play in and to collect delicious crafty goodness.

But I'm even more thankful to spend time with friends and craft with them.  Accountability? Slim.  Conversation and good food? Overflowing.

                                           Source: marthastewart.com via Summer on Pinterest

By the way.  There should be a board on Pinterest, called "You Lied".  Specifically for things like hair tutorials or these pumpkins I attempted to make, for 5+ hours.  They are currently in the fall decor box and will not reappear until next year.

Day 27:  Donors.

We celebrated a Friends Thanksgiving with our friends Scott and Kristen.  Scott received a heart transplant on St. Patrick's day this year.  It was a long hard journey for them.  So thankful for donors and what they do for families and their friends.

Day 28:  Reading.

Although I rarely do it anymore, I love snuggling up with a good book and just escaping for a while.  The last day of the week in my Cornerstone class, 20 minutes is set aside for the kids to read.  It is a really cool experience.

I'm currently reading The Hunger Games and I'm loving it!

Day 29:  Quiet.

                              Source: wwwcastlescrownscottages.blogspot.com via Summer on Pinterest

After a day of teaching and all of the constant noise that comes with being surrounded by teenagers I long for quiet.  Literal quiet and mental quiet.  I drive home in silence, breathe and let the day go.  My favorite time of quiet is in the weekend mornings when the Mr. is still asleep and the sun hasn't come up yet.  Quiet bliss and calm before the day begins.

Day 30:  Hope.

It's pretty powerful thing.  Even more, I love seeing hope renewed in others.  Of dreams let go and rekindled.

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