Thankful: Days 16-20

Day 16: Supportive Coworkers.

This was a crazy week.  An observation by one of the curriculum coordinators at district office.  It went really well.  But I was really nervous.

Another observation by my new teacher mentor, provided by the district to first year teachers.  I bravely invited her to observe my 'worst' class.  They are, by no means 'bad'.  It was awesome.  She said, "Look at how many boys are in your class and how many girls".  Say again?  Awesome that I had never noticed that.  28 boys, 2 girls.  "Look at how many students you have with exceptionalities in this class".  5.  In one class.  And now I know to embrace the 4A craziness that is.

The icing on the cake?  My mid-year formal evaluation with a different administrator.  Whose content area is math.  Terrifying!  But the lesson rocked and the kids were awesome.  And he made me feel like a million bucks in my post evaluation follow-up.

Day 17:  Idaho's 2 Degrees of Separation.

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Sometimes this little quirk of living in Idaho drives me crazy.  Like seeing someone you went to high school with at the grocery store, who wasn't the kindest to you then, but suddenly wants to reminisce now when your hands are full of double stuff oreos and a 2 gallon jug of milk because you "didn't need a cart"  (seriously why do I feel victorious in bypassing carts?  it always ends badly.  hands cramping.  groceries on hips propping.  looks from strangers.  note to self: using a cart is not a weakness)?

But there are times when it's pretty cool to know someone who knows someone.  Like my new teacher mentor.  She was my English teacher my Junior year of high school.  And now she gets to mentor me and see me grow in a profession I never thought I'd pursue.  Pretty cool.

Day 18:  School Vacations.

Enough said.  Good for teachers.  Good for students.  Good for families.  Sweet, sweet Thanksgiving break.

Day 19:  Music.

I love it.  I need it.  I used to play it.  I normally listen to NPR on the way to school and ride home in quiet (I know this is weird, and my weirdness will be explained) but otherwise I love having music on.  I play it in the classroom.  I need it to stay motivated during a workout or run.  I love to turn it up in the car or when I'm cleaning and pretend that my voice is as good as the person who should be singing.  Music made our wedding, our wedding.

I love Pandora.  I love Genius.  I love discovering artists.  I love the memories that come flooding back with certain songs.  For some people it's smells.  For me it's music and temperatures (yes temperatures, as in weather).  Here is one my favorite songs, not because it's so incredible but because of the memories attached to it:

My dad used to sing this to me when I was little and he would dance with me (because the opening line is, "Hey little sister, what have you done?" and obvees I'm a little sister who was notoriously mischief making).  I almost played this as the  song for the father-daughter dance, but well that would have been weird.

Day 20:  Wake-up Calls.

There are moments where life has a really great way of waking us up from the day to day.  Snap out of it moments.  I am not thankful for the call itself or what it consisted of but I am happy for what it is bringing about for our marriage.  I'm not intending to be cryptic, I'm just not ready to share the depth or shock of the wake-up call.

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