New Year's Eve

While other reflective and thoughtful posts are circulating around the blog-o-sphere about New Year's resolutions and goals, I thought I'd take a moment to help ya'll lighten up with a recap of our New Year's Eve celebration.

{it looks nice right?  a moment captured in time}

Mr. Cook finally made it home on Dec. 23rd.  Just in time for Christmas.  It was a very emotional two weeks of ups and downs, not knowing if he'd be home in time, attempting to plan a trip to Georgia if he wouldn't make it, finally being reunited and now re-acclimating to each other, to our new shared space, to life.  Needless to say some celebrating was desperately needed.

Enter failed surprise here, i.e. I planned a Welcome Home/Housewarming/New Year's Eve Surprise Party... and Mr. Cook knew about it, the. entire. time.  Awesome.  Even better?  He played along.  Did I mention what a terrible liar I am?  Sneaking off for text messages, phone calls, facebooking at all hours.  No worries, botched surprise aside, it was quite possibly our best New Year's Eve celebration yet.

Step 1:  Invest in Just Dance for the Wii.  There is quite possibly no better ice-breaker.  Strangers turned into old friends, old friends laughing at the audacity of friends they thought they knew so well, party in a box.

Step 2: Impromptu photo booth.  What began as a welcome home sign, turned into the photo op of the evening.

Step 3: Mediocre finger food and good drinks.

Step 4: A camera to ensure that embarrassing moments will forever be preserved.  

*please note* the invites did not ask guests to wear plaid, sheer coincidence

How did you ring in 2011?


Jami said...

Aww, I wish I coule have been there. I had not sitter for the rugrats. I may have to borrow that for Joels homecoming :) So glad you have your man back with you!

PS you have some pretty sweet moves

Michele said...

Happy New Year! I think I need that game for my Wii. Looks hilarious (and fun)!

Shira said...

I am so glad we were able to spend our New Year together!! It was a blast catching up with Marshall and "just dancing" with you all! I can't wait 'til next time. Love you dear!

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

i am so happy your man is home!!!!!!

Mom said...

Since we haven't really had a chance to talk glad I now know what a great New Year's Eve you had! Looks like tons of fun - even without the apple pie - or maybe especially without the applie pie!

Christy said...

Sounds like you had the perfect new year. I am so happy your Mr. Cook was here with you. Mine wasn't as exciting. I fed the baby and then went to bed lol.