Makin' it Lovely

So I think I've been turning our house into a home, but Mr. Cook doesn't seem to be on the same page.  We made an agreement (oh yes, it's in writing, saved in my inbox) that if we closed on the house after the deployment started, I could decorate the house however I saw fit, so long as his man room was up to his discretion.  I know, a girl couldn't ask for a better gift, right?  Right?

So I thought, until I showed Mr. Cook the new curtains I slaved over last week, and he said, "Aren't they supposed to match?"  Hmmm.  Mr. Cook is now an interior designer, but I think he has a point.  I debated the choice for the dining room a long time b/c it opens onto the living room.  What do you think?  Is there a way to make them "match" or make it more cohesive?  Help a girl out, I would hate to prove Mr. Cook right.  Cringe.

The dining room is red and aqua.  Notice my already failing pom pom border, thank you little pup.  She get's a little excited when it's time to go outside.  Note to self: re-stitch pom-poms.  (In case you aren't impressed I also built that little shelf/curtain rod so that we can still hold onto our icky sliding vinyl shades come summer...I think I might find something to put up top o' the shelf, ideas?)

Cute, huh, do you see the little birds?  Workin' em in however I can.  Now mind you, Mr. Cook has been agreeable up to this point.

Enter the drama.  "Summer, those curtains don't match the other ones.  These one's are orange and have 'stuff' all over them.  And the other ones are black, but our couch is brown".

Hrmph.  Now I'm not so sure.  I'd like to call it eclectic and very representative of me/us.  Our wedding was full of color, in fact we couldn't decide on "colors" so we had a lot: gray, aqua, red, orange, yellow. Perfectly normal, right?  If you made the mistake of zooming in, that is a speaker mount to the right of the dining room curtains, it will eventually have a speaker on it, right honey?

Thanks for your support (I know you'll vote for me, because that's what women do for each other).  Even if your attempts to make it lovely may be a bit quirky, you should play along over at Heather's, or get some inspiration.  


Ashley @ A { Blonde's } DIY Life said...

Totally am on your side, cause the men just can't win! haha...They look good! The only thing I would do to make them seem a little more cohesive is take some black grosgrain ribbon on trim and add it to the edges of the other curtains. If you do it just a few inches from the side and bottom edges, I like the idea of the top not edged, I think it would tie the whole thing together, and look fabulous! Hope it all works out!

Dani said...

Yes. Very lovely. I love that orange floral fabric.

Karissa Jade Ferguson said...

I just recently got married myself and it's really interesting to try to decorate things together. I like florals way too much! ha :) love your fabric!

P!nky said...

Your room is lovely and if it represents you and your husband than phooey, go with it! I love both of the curtians and the C with the pictures. YOU ARE RIGHT ;)!

Andrea @ Knitty Bitties said...

Hmmm ... not sure if I should chime in our not ;). I sure don't want to get accused of siding with my BIL (HAHA). I do think something feels a bit disjointed between the two sets.

I love them both, but not sure about together in that space? Maybe I can come over for an in person consult ;).

And the shelf above the door ... awesome job!! I really love the way you've done so much in such a short time shaping your house into your home.

Love ya! ::MWAH::

Anonymous said...

It looks retarded

Princess Jessie Pants said...

I LOVE that you're making your curtains Summer!! You go! And, I love the way you've hung your pics in the living room. And I too am incorporating birds anywhere I can in my living room. :) I'm not going to side with the boys, because that's just wrong :), but I think it might look better to have a brown/orange curtain instead of black. Do you have another space in your house where you can put said adorable black curtain? Love getting peeks at your house - lovely, lovely home!! xoxo

Kelly said...

So I've looked at this a few times and wasn't sure if I could be brave enough to side with Marshall. But now that I've looked at it three times I think I must. I love both fabrics/curtains...just maybe not together. You did a great job on them! I love the shelf above the sliding door! I can't wait to see what you put up there! Could you make curtains for the living room using the bird fabric on the bottom of the door curtain to tie the two rooms together? From the picture, it looks like it would match with the brown couch.

Jami said...

I like them together. The material on the bottom is not in your face like the others (in a good way). It is most hidden by the table and couches. i would just be careful adding too much more "design" to that wall. A little goes a long way when it comes to walls. If you add to much you will be studying the walls to see it and then it all becomes too much. youare doing a great job!

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...
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Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

dear anonymous,
if you don't have anything nice to say keep your big mouth shut.
or atleast sign your name to is you big coward!
yours truly,

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

so i thought i had already commented, but i see once again my mommy brain has let me down.

here's what i think...i heart the fabric on the bottom of the black curtains, but think if you took it off and used some of the fabric from the other panels it would pull the whole thing together, and you could make little throw pillows or a table runner with the other. i wouldn't worry about the brown/black thing either. pish!
i say add a bit of black to your couch through a throw or a pillow and you've got it all covered.