When You're Feelin' Lonely

Create the following Pandora station, equal parts: Zac Brown Band, Ingrid Michaelson, Elton John, Mute Math, Bob Dylan, The Cars, "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover", & "Thriller" add a little variety to your favorites, hit quick mix and let the good times roll.  Turn it up, way up.

Nuke your Starbucks coffee run from much earlier in the day, when you thought you might get a lot of things accomplished, before the lonely's set in and you had yourself a little 4 hour nap with pups.  Re-charge.

Take down curtains in living room and move them to the bedroom after realizing that Mr. Cook was right.  And so were awesome blog readers, who were able to say it in a much nicer way.

Finish wedding shadow boxes you started ages ago at a craft night, through which you discovered you had lost the vows.  Enter Chaplain Morris, halleluja.  Your vows forever saved in the Army files.  Sweet victory.

These are my vows to Marshall, they hang on his side with his favorite picture of me from that day.  And an "M" from an old letter press that I bought the Christmas before our wedding.

{Marshall, you are my best and most constant friend and will continue to be forever.   Thank you for trusting me with your heart and choosing me to be the woman you grow old with, laugh with and cry with.  I promise to protect your heart in times of sorrow and to celebrate with you in times of joy.  I promise to hear your dreams, make them my own, and help you chase after them.  I promise to respect you and honor you, to walk beside you, behind you, or in front of you when you need me to.  I promise to love you when life is hard and when it is great.  I promise to love you when love is easy and when it is also an effort.  I promise to choose you every morning, day and night to be my best friend, lover, confidant and husband.  I love you.}

Not sure this part will cure your lonely's especially if your best friend is a world away, but it's always nice to reminisce.

These are Marshall's vows to me, they hang on my side of the bed with my favorite picture of him from that day.  The "S" is from the same old letter press.  I like that two things who had such different lives before are together in a new way.  Kind of like the two of us.  

{Summer, I take you today as my beautiful wife.  Whatever we face in time I know that as long as we look to each other for strength and support we will hold strong.  There will be times when we will be apart and times when things are tough but I promise to try and make every moment we are together cherishable.  I promise to keep myself open to you and and to allow you to share the thoughts and feelings that I have, and Summer, as of today, I promise to try every day to be a compassionate and caring husband.}

Now that you're feelin' a bit misty and missing your other half even more, have an impromptu photo shoot with an uninterested pupper.

{oh hey, you feelin' lonely?}

{yeah, me too, and I haven't even met the guy yet}

{you could pet me, you know?}

{alright, get over here, let me lick your eye ball and I'll make it better}


Kelly said...

I was going to suggest moving them to your bedroom but I couldn't remember if you already had curtains in there! They look great in there!

I'm so glad you finished your shadow boxes and, more importantly, got your vows! The boxes look so great! Now that you finished those, it's time for another craft night. :)

I'm sorry you're feeling lonely :( That means we really, really need another craft night ASAP!

Jessica T. said...

I agree with the craft night!

Summer your home is beautiful! Love the curtains, they look great in your bedroom.

Love that puppy of yours too...reminds me of the one looking at me right now...wanting to be noticed...

Love ya!!

Mom said...

Ah sweetie - what a bittersweet blog. Coming down to the wire - hang in there. Can't wait to see the finished shadow boxes, and the curtains, next time I am over. Hope to see you tomorrow. Love you - hug that cute & silly Jazzy, and get a little love off of Clover.

Andrea @ Knitty Bitties said...

Well, I'm glad to see that by the time I got caught up on your blog you'd shaken the lonlies ... but I think you're doing an amazing job keeping everything together. You're allowed to be lonely too.

The curtains look great ... nice switch (ahhh, your sister, she's so smart) :D. And the shadow boxes are perfect ... love the way they turned out.

Bring on one more craft night before Mr. Cook returns ...