What I Wore Wednesday

Have you started playing along yet?  No?  You should. There is nothing more motivating when you want to just roll out of bed, than knowing that you are going to be posting a picture of yourself on the internets :) Head to Lindsey's to see what other wonderful women wore this week.

I'm happy to announce that I did not burn my whole wardrobe, although it was seriously considered.  Instead, I am dedicating a portion of my lovely Halloween weekend to editing my closet.  Which is pretty timely since a mouse diseased vermin  has found its way into my box of winter clothes.  Maybe I'll get to do some shopping too?

This weekend was the Girls' Reunion Part II.  I got to see my bestie again, who flew in for our friend's beautiful wedding.  Which meant girls' night, which turned into girls' brunch, then Halloween costume shopping, the wedding, a lovely lunch, and some costume sewing.  Phew.  Already missing my Katie Holmes doppelganger, but so happy to have a productive weekend, this weekend.  I hope...

{Spending some quality time with the fury}

cardigan: GAP old, pilly all over, love it to pieces
ruffle blouse: Miley Cyrus for Wal-Mart, yes!
pants: JC Penny's
shoes: constantly worn, Urban Outfitters
bored pupper: Idaho Humane Society

{Not feeling so hot, no school, but I had to go get myself some pick me-ups}

black under shirt: GAP Body
gray tank: GAP
jeans: Old Navy

{borrowed from bestie's FB, so apologies for picture quality} 

Um, yes, this was Girls' Night, obviously.  That's my other skinny, lovely friend Allison.

swimsuit cover-up tunic: Target
cami: WetSeal (used to be my bestie's from high school...awesome)
leggings: WetSeal
boots: Macy's (birthday gift from bestie many moons ago)

{also borrowed from bestie's FB}

At our friend's wedding.  Which had amazing. dance. all. night. until. they. ask. you. to. leave. music.

dress: White House Black Market  (wear #2, the cost is killing me less and less)
killer dance moves: I'll share my secrets...someday

{sleeping off festivities, lunch date, sewing with burlap in a black fleece sweater, not pictured for obvious reasons}

{evidently my students didn't care for my boots since I was asked several times if they were hunting boots, gotta love working with kids with expendable incomes and all the time in the world to stay up on the trends}

jacket: Forever21
sweater: Cannot remember
skirt: Target
boots: DSW
earrings: old

{crazy weather/home BSU game, love our team, don't love having to repark my car in the middle of classes}

rain slicker: Old Navy
thermal tee: men's Urban Outfitters
jeans: American Rag (recently possessed after trip to see bestie)
fuggs (fake uggs): WalMart
interested puppers: corner gas station


S Club Mama said...

well you are much more up on fashion than I am, I will tell you that much. I like your outfits

Jordan said...

I have that exact same bathing suit coverup from Target. I was wondering what it would look like with a cami & leggings. You definitely pulled it off! :-)

Michele said...

You always crack me up with your poses! You have such fun style!

Andrea @ Knitty Bitties said...

Oh gosh you crack me up ... and motivate me to give this whole WIWW a try ... but then I get busy and forget to hang up my mirror. Maybe you can come do that for me ;).

Glad I got to see you on your hunting boots day (HAHAHAHA!!) ... Love you!

Becky said...

love your sassy moves and outfits! everything looks better when you're dancing. :)

P!nky said...
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P!nky said...

I love your Miley Cyrus top (even if I am not a fan of her). Your posts are so upbeat and fun to read. Have a great day :)

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

you dress so cute. makes me want to step up my game around here in a serious way. ;)