What I Wore & What I Wish I Wore

Um, super, so who has already fallen off their let's begin practicing for December Daily, which is practice for Project365, by documenting their outfit every day wagon?  Not you? Oh right, me.  Things have been a little crazy around here to say the least, the semester is in full swing and I am starting to do some of my own lessons, which is so crazy, fun, exciting, and nerve wracking.  And since my bestie's move to Seattle in September, I've already been to see her twice (eh hem, one of said trips was an epic mission to move her and her possessions in a two day fury mid-monsoon).  And a certain someone is home soon, which means I've re-found my nesting mojo and my get my "morbidly-obese over confidant woman" back in shape motivation (30Rock reference, I am not morbidly-obese...yet).  To boot, after a girls trip to see my bestie with skinny friend this weekend I'm re-thinking my entire wardrobe.  I mean thinking burn it all  donate it all and start over.  So please point me in a better direction, for the love.  

Friday 10.08
Um, no worries, you don't need to remind me what day today is, or that this was obviously from a different week.  I thought I'd include it because I feel like it was a cute outfit and in the direction I'd like to go...and it shows you my old hair, so you can be shocked by my new hair.  All you need to do is scroll down, which in my book burns approximately 3 calories.

tunic top (formerly a dress): Urban Outfitters
flower clip: Ladies' Church Retreat
jeans: Diva skinnies, Old Navy
flats: Urban Outfitters

Wednesday 10.13

old man cardigan: Urban Outfitters
t-shirt: Forever 21
flower clip: Ladies' Church Retreat
pants: Maurices

Thursday 10.14
Wish I would have worn:

{via here, here & here}

Friday 10.15

Skinny friend's debut, I know she is nice, adorable and skinny and works at The Loft

anorak jacket: Eddie Bauer (adore this jacket)
silk blouse with necktie: Express (purchased in Dallas with Mr.Cook for some evenings out)
jeans: "borrowed" from bestie (i.e. I never wear those any more, I'm sure I wouldn't notice if they made it home with you)

Saturday 10.16

Skinny friend would have to give you the deets on her outfit, but it was unbelievably cute- she always is

cardigan: legitimately borrowed from bestie
sheer tunic: also borrowed from bestie, she bought it at Target
infinity scarf: H&M purchased during last Seattle trip
jeans:  newly acquired "borrowed" skinnies from bestie
flats: Maurices

I had to show you this picture of my bestie, one, because those are my boots and I can't wear them with skinnies to save my life and two, she has an uncanny and I mean uncanny resemblance to Katie Holmes in this picture.  Yes, I have beautiful friends :)

Sunday 10.17
Wish I would have worn:

{via here, here, & here}

Monday 10.18
Wish I would have worn:

{everything from here except for the shirt from here}

Tuesday 10.19

head band: Claire's (yes, really, Claire's)
scarf: Urban Outfitters
sweater: Anthropolgie (majorly on sale last winter)
jeans: now my skinnies (don't worry they were washed Monday)
flats: Urban Outfitters

You should play along too, hop on over to lindsay's.  So, any takers?  Donate wardrobe and start fresh?  What style am I?  How do you love and wear the clothes you have?


Mom said...

Phew - you are among the living. Had one of those moments when I got up this morning! Love your post - and I always think you look cute (may be a little biased) - but we periodically hit those moments in life that we want a whole re-do. Sounds like you might be there! Don't throw it all out - just start with baby steps, and before youu know it you will have a "NEW" look. Looks like you all had fun in Seattle. Hope to see you tonight.

Love you!

Anonymous said...


Jewelscapes Handmade Jewelry said...

Very cute outfits on you and cute "wish" ones!

Thanks so much for all of your lovely comments and for visiting Jewelscapes Bejeweled WEdnesday! Hope to see you there next week! :)

Jami said...

seriously, i need to revamp my clothes so i am forced to look decent on a daily basis - hey do you use the free y membership, i need a workout buddy BAD!!!!! let me know

Andrea @ Knitty Bitties said...

Well I think you're adorable almost 100% of the time :) ... even in your comfys. But I think we all go through the feeling of re-vamping our wardrobe, especially when the seasons change. I say you go through and keep all your basics and favorites and donate the rest. Then make a list of some fun new pieces to add in and keep an eye out for when you spot a great deal.

I love your combination of WIWW and WIWIWW :D. Very clever. The outfit you put together for Monday is my favorite ;).

Happy New Week!