Lovely Haunting

It's that time again, I'm playing along with Heather, the awesomely talented and strong-mama creator of Blessed Little Nest for Live Made Lovely (click on her adorable button to play along or see what others are doing to make their life lovely).

This is a bit of a belated lovely, but I'm enjoying my efforts made a few weeks ago to make our home a little bit of eerie for Halloween.  I love Halloween, I think because I love the fall and I love horror movies (only the classics, the new ones completely freak me out) and I love to dress up.  I wasn't ever that great at drama, although I definitely gave it my all, much to the dismay of the actual drama geeks (thank you Mr. Shaddick and the Meridian High School drama club for allowing me to participate, even if I was only cast as the widow in The Taming of the Shrew).  So Halloween gives me a chance to feel like an actress, if only for a night.

Halloween is also Mr. Cook and I's original anniversary, our dating anniversary, our "I think we should only see each other anniversary" (Mr. Cook's way of asking me to be his girlfriend).  He was a nerd and I was a go-go dancer, complete with an amazing and authentic afro.  We were a sight to see, unfortunately that hard drive died many moons ago so you all won't get to feast your eyes on that little bit o' lovely.  Suffice it to say even with Mr. Cook away I couldn't wait to decorate our first home.  

{our counter scape}

{amazing Dollar Tree finds}

{my take on this lovely tutorial, finally pumpkins that match my decor}

{I'm in love with this Scottish before-bed saying, I made it using this font, but all you need to do is click here and press print, and then of course burn the edges of your paper and terrify your puppers}

And of course I had to add some non-eerie autumn decor.  I can't show you my outside decor because it is currently inside due to gale force winds...even though we're land locked.

{I made this wreath with some lovely ladies, I'm not super happy about the way it turned out, but it took forever long enough so it is hanging proudly on the Cook wall}

{free-form flowers, alla me.  I know, I know you are begging me to open an etsy shop}

{in it's happy new home}

Hope you have a lovely week and a lovely Halloween.  Mr. Cook has his hulk mask in Afghanistan and I'll be a zombie Amelia Earheart.  


Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

i think your wreath turned out every bit as cute as the one from the tute. and i like your colors better, too. i hope you have a fabulously fun halloween. love that your hubs gets to play along even though he's away.
to me, that is lovely!!
have a happy day friend!

blue china studio said...

Great Halloween decorations! Really like the blue tinted pumpkins. That is extremely clever.

Happy Halloween!

Jessica T. said...

LOVE the colors! That blue is my favorite color! :) Love ya!

Anonymous said...

HOW did you make that jar with the skull in it?! hilarious!! love it!

Kelly said...

It all looks fantastic Summer! I love your wreath! We need to do another craft night soon! Without burlap this time. :) See you tonight!

summer said...

Aw, thanks you guys! The skulls were from the dollar store, I just popped two of them in each mason jar and added some blue food coloring and water, sooo easy. Thanks for the positive feedback on the wreath, and I am so burlap-ed out, dining room curtains, wreath and a Halloween costume out o' the stuff, I may have hives for life!