What I Wore This Week

Have you started playing along yet?  This week wasn't as easy as the other weeks, the semester is in full swing and I am starting to feel overwhelmed!  Which unfortunately means some very bad outfits, so bad they were worse than my exam day comfies and I did not photograph them, for fear of having them etched in my memory forever.  So, yeah, there you have it.  Here's what I did wear and what I did photograph :)

{With all of my kids: the fury and my IRC kiddos- you can read more about them here}

Cardigan:  New loot from my Seattle trip, H&M
Dress: Target, I wear the heck out of this
Leggings: WetSeal (I know gasp in horror now, but they're awesome)
Boots: Target, inspired by Lindsey's Forever21 boots that I have been on the hunt for, these are a pretty close second

{Scary day, not worth photographing, shudder}

{Ladies' Retreat, so so happy I chose to go this year, it was an amazing time to sit and be with God and be in the company of amazing women}

Blouse:  Liberty, Target (I was obsessed with this line, still may see if I can't find more of it on the internets)
Jeans: Aeropostale
Flats:  WetSeal (double gasp of horror!)
Flower:  Made by the amazing Ladies' Committee, conveniently matched my wild shirt


Sweater: Gap, super good deal before the Fall season
Cami: OldNavy
Jeans: Aeropostale, not so good on the second day, i.e. I looked like I had an accident for the rest of the day, i.e. baggy bottom
Flats: WetSeal
Flower: Totally obsessed, I want more!
My sister and I:  Love spending time with this incredible woman, wife, momma and friend

{Also scary bad, I cleaned my best friend's old apartment for approximately 7.5 hours and had myself a mini Bridget Jones marathon}

Sweater:  Looted whilst cleaning out apartment, yes Amy, I'll consider this payment :)
Dress: WalMart
Cami: Forever21
Flats: WetSeal

{Now wishing I hadn't photographed this, but I did}
Flower: I told you I am obsessed!
Sweatshirt: Forever21, also looted during cleaning day
Tank: WalMart, Hanes Men's undertank
Cargos: Express, hee also looted!
Flip-flops: FloJo's

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Danielle @ Transforming Home said...

You are so cute! I love that Wed cardigan from H&M - I may have to plan a trip there and see if they still have it.....
See you next week!


Andrea @ Knitty Bitties said...

Guess what? I did it! Posted my two whole pics from last week :). Thanks to YOU!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Monday outfit. So cute!! But, let's work on our Tuesday outfit a little more next week, m-kay?

Happy Wednesday ... love ya!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

How cute are you? Love the outfits! And, that wal mart dress is adorable!

Dana at StrawberryTart! said...

Very Cute. I have just gone onto ebay because of you and searched liberty of london. I loved that brand when it was at target...I hope to find something cute!

Mai said...

You are too cute! :)
I love wednesday's outfit, the cardigan is really pretty!

Jewelscapes Handmade Jewelry said...

That cardigan and outfit in the first pic are so great. The floral top on Friday is beautiful and you look beautiful in it! Thanks for sharing.

MommyMeagan said...

ooo...I love your flower, too! how do I get one? thanks for your sweet comments. I'm excited about my 'spin off from our family blog'. I'm hoping to keep growing in followers so I feel less like I'm blogging to no one! ;) Your blog is so stinking cute. Mrs cook. love it!

Cheri said...

Love the Liberty blouse! I still regret having missed that wagon before it pulled out of Target.:(
Maybe I'll have to check the "internets" also! ;)

Michele said...

I missed most of the Liberty of London clothes at Target...boo! They are so cute! The top you have is adodrable. You have such great style. Your fun personality shows in your photos :)

Abby said...

I love that walmart dress! cute!

Tiffany said...

Cute! I'm so glad you had such an amazing time at the women's retreat!

Dee said...

Love your adorable outfits you saucy little looter!