What I Wore Wednesday

I promise there is another post coming today, besides this one, there are 2 in fact.  My blog has not become all outfit this and outfit that, which is good because some of the outfits I should have never worn in the first place (exam day fashion plate for one).  But here we go again!

{or the day that Summer found out how much it was going to cost to fix her veneers and her bridge that she the bread in Italy managed to break, or the day it was a very good thing I took the picture before I left for the appointment and not after or I would have been unrecognizable}
cardigan: Forever 21, I wear it...lots!
t-shirt: Forever 21
skirt: Old Navy, I love it but it's so hard to find anything that works on top!
boots: Maurices

cardigan: Lux, Urban Outfitters, I live in this thing!
tunic/super scandalous dress (which is how it was merchandised): Forever 21
tank: Forever 21
jeans: Maurices
flats: Target and they desperately need to be retired

{hanging with "my" kids}
blouse: target
tank: men's Hane's undershirt, Wal-MArt
jeans: Aeropostale

{driving day with my bestie, she just moved to Seattle, got in late Friday and we are on the road early at an ungodly hour on Saturday to move her furniture}

rocking out to alanis morissette face: all mine
tank top: Urban Outfitters
sunnies: Forever 21

{Sunday Fun-day playing in the city after a night of unpacking soaking furniture in the soaking rain and paying way too much for a Sapporo and sushi}

jacket: Eddie Bauer
scarf: Ann Taylor Loft- gift from skinny girl :)
t-shirt: Forever 21
jeans: AmericanRag, Macy's
shoes: bestie's since mine were still wet from the night before
purse: JCP, also needs to be retired, badly
*boys in the background: awesome!*

super cute Seattleite bestie: all mine, too
her style: super envious

{sad drive home by myself day, same travel outfit as Saturday, just a way more exhausted me}
scarf: Ann Taylor Loft, gifted by skinny girl
cardigan: Lux, Urban Outfitters
tank: Urban Outfitters
jeans: Maurices
flats: Urban Outfitters, almost dry

sweater (as Mr. Cook called it on our Skype date) / hoodie: Burlington Coat Factory
jeans: Maurices
flats: Urban Outfitters
backpack: you know you want one :)

Whew, there goes.  Come back later for my road-trip essential post and maybe another little something, something.  And go check out the other amazing outfits at The Pleated Poppy.


Jacci said...

you're a cutie, Mrs. Cook! :) I love how you look pulled together but not overly fussy. nice post!


Michele said...

You're adorable and hilarious! I love the Seattle photos. I lived there for a few months just out of college and LOVED it! Super fun outfits!

Ann said...

i love the old navy skirt, mrs. cook! i think you mixed and matched nicely.

Mitz said...

K you are too cute and so funny, I love your pose, haha!! Love your outfits too, what a fun time of life for you!

Becky said...

I love all your outfits they are so cute - but what I love most of all is your big smile - how lovely to see such a smiley face x

Andrea @ Knitty Bitties said...

Look at all your comment love :). You're doing so good with this ... I'm jealous of you and your sweet "WIWW" posts.

Can't wait to hear all about the veneers tomorrow ;).

Love ya!
Your Seester