What I Wore Wednesday

Thanks for all the sweet comments last week, who knew I actually had a style?  I bought The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style a while ago and I am continually frustrated that I don't fit into one of the styles, and the one I'm closest to is posh eclectic, hrmph.  In other words, I am a polished mix of everything and anything, which I suppose is pretty accurate.  Here goes, don't forget to play along this week and link up over at The Pleated Poppy.

{with the Freshman Fury, that's what my school calls our Freshman, I think it's hilarious}
t-shirt: eddie bauer (on sale), scarf: men's urban outfitters, pants: hee, yes, they are dockers, but they're the new modern fit, shoes: Rocket Dog moccasins DSW

{not one to write home about, but I had a huge exam at 7:40 in the morning}
glasses: Elizabeth Arden, sweatshirt: compliments of AmeriCorps, t-shirt: men's Rock the Vote tee, Urban Outfitters, yoga pants: Costco 2-pack, thank you sweet sister for telling me about them!

{with the Fury again, collaboration at 7:15 AM = awesome hair day for Mrs. Cook}

slub cardigan: Urban Outfitters, silk tank: Burlington Coat Factory $5!, jeans: maurices, shoes: maurices

{help best friend pack and get ready for Seattle day, and awesome expression?!}
t-shirt: Bob Marley, Wal-Mart, jeans: maurices, flip flops: old navy (not recommended for moving day ensembles)

{errand running and house cleaning in the morning, same best friend's going away party that evening}
long slub cardigan: maurices, peace necklace: Lucky, modified and much loved by me, t-shirt: maurices, jeans: scary junior's brand from Macy's, flip-flops: FloJo's, TJ Maxx

top: Express, on a trip to Dallas with Mr. Cook, necklace, same Lucky one from earlier in the day, jeans: old navy, shoes: Germany, so cute but they were promptly switched to black flats

{with the kids again}
Black wrap tee: American Living, JCP, tank: Urban Outfitters, capris: Ann Taylor Loft (hand-me down from a friend who is super tiny now), flats: Urban Outfitters (I have almost worn them out and the other 4 pairs just like them in different colors)

{campus, overslept}
Gray sweater: well loved, maurices, Gold belt: hand me down from same skinny friend, Tank: Wal-Mart, sleepwear, jeans: Aeropostale, flats: maurices, hand me down from best friend

Whew, what did you wear this week?


Jessica Hills said...

You are too cute. I think that last outfit is my favorite. :)

Jacci said...

I think I like the last one best, too :) Cute looks! By the way, I **loved** your hair pulled off your face - with the bangs back you look even fresher & brighter. So cute.

~Jacci in Ohio

Kelly said...

Love it! So cute! Even the big exam day is comfy cute! :)

Morgan said...

Your style is adorable! Love that Express top!

You you like the Lucky book? Sounds interesting...I'll have to check it out!

Thomas at a Glance said...

I love the express top as well. You make me want to not be pregnant and wear my old clothes again LOL. I keep thinking...hey I something I could do that with too!!

Andrea @ Knitty Bitties said...

Uhm, HELLO ... look at your Friday pic again ... could that not be me?!?! It's like we're twins in that picture. Freaky deaky.

Okay, now back to review and comment ... that picture threw me ... I was like, look how cute I looked that day, wait, that isn't me?!?! :P

Andrea @ Knitty Bitties said...

So you're super cute in all of them, but my favorite was Monday.

Keep up the good work ... maybe I'll be out of sweats and yoga pants by next week.

summer said...

you gals are awesome, thanks for being so encouraging, even with my awesome exam outfit!

Morgan- the Lucky book is worth checking out, but I'd grab it at the library first- nothing like not fitting into one of the styles to make you even more frustrated!

Christy- on your next babe I want some WIWW maternity style b/c you are just super cute, you should start playing along anyway :)

Andrea- that is so funny, I didn't even realize how much I look like you in that photo, but I'm glad you thought you-me looked cute that day! alright get out of those awesome yoga pants and play with me- Kelly you too! You know you wanna!