On the road again

So evidently my little jaunt to Seattle to help my bestie move has caught up with me, those good intentions I had to post something other than my WIWW, fell in the cracks when I fell asleep at 7 PM!  And proceeded to sleep through my first class this morning, super.  None the less, here's my advice for an awesome road trip!

1.  Be sure to travel with someone you really like, this is definitely a must if you're driving more than 2 hours...especially if you are driving more than 2 hours in the middle of no where.

2.  Play the alphabet game, hopefully that someone you really like is also super competitive or well the alphabet game just isn't that fun.  Me and my best are super competitive so it works out well.  Final score 3:2, we had a tie breaking round.

3.  Bring your camera and give it to your companion to take pictures of lots of ridiculous things.

4.  Bring a phone with internet access so when you come across a word like cotlets you can look it up and feel better about yourself.

5.  Make frequent pit-stops to fuel up on beverages for the driver, also try to get a beverage that is from the place you're going, duh.

6.  Cheeze-Its.  

7.  Rain is also helpful, if you can schedule your trip accordingly, especially for the driver if they're even the slightest bit tired.  In fact you should probably make another stop and switch drivers when you're only an hour away from your destination because if they see the windshield wipers swoosh one more time they may enter the land of nod and never return.  or something like that.

8.  Make an awesome road trip soundtrack, preferably with a lot of angry girl music, if your companion is a girl of course.

9.  Go to the airport of where ever your destination is so you can remind yourself how much easier flying is.

10.  Unpack furniture (this only works if the purpose of your road trip is helping someone move) or luggage in a monsoon, just to refresh yourself after a long day of traveling.

11.  Go out and celebrate your achievements.

12.  Wake up and celebrate some more.  Say with some Noah's bagels and a trip around the city or you know where ever it is you go.

{photo of obscene t-shirt: a joke for Mr. Cook or anyone who knows him}

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