Life Made Lovely

In addition to participating in What I Wore Wednesday over at The Pleated Poppy, I've also started participating in Life Made Lovely over at Blessed Little Nest.  Heather is so amazing and creative and is using her gifts throughout blog land to inspire and support others and make life a bit more lovely.  I love her approach to celebrating the everyday, and finding ways to make life lovely.  

I've been doing a bit of lovely making around the Cook house, touching some things up, switching out some bedding and indulging in the lovely return of my favorite fall drink.  

{My newly re-vamped, once failed, version of this project}

It's definitely a bit of lovely on my sparse kitchen walls, but I'm afraid to write on it with chalk, the first attempt wasn't so good- evidently my recycled shelf wasn't a smooth enough surface.  So I painted some foam board with chalkboard paint and attached it with upholstery tacks.  Let's hope this time it's a success.

{Fall bedding and wedding sheets}

Making me sleep more soundly and even more happily.  Mr. Cook is a bit jealous, I'm thinking the thread count in Afghanistan isn't the greatest.  Oh yes, and that's the headboard I made in my motivated month of May when I tackled a lot of projects around here on my new homeowner's high.  Slowly, getting things done these days, but still getting them done.  


Indulging in at least one of these a week, normally on Sunday.  

{my lovely puppers}

And while sometimes they make life challenging or even unlovely (e.g. carpet accidents, eating rugs, treating couches as giant chew toys, loving/hating one another at the loudest volume imaginable) they are so lovely.  They make me miss Marshall less, they make me smile, and they love each other.  This picture is just so darn cute.  And those are some things making my life lovely.  What are you doing to make yours a bit less dreary?  Head over to Blessed Little Nest and link up!


Elise said...

Lovin' your headboard!! Oh, I've enjoyed two of those Heavenly drinks already. Yum...
Oh, visiting from Blessed Little Nest.

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

such a lovely post! that headboard is fabulous, and i am super in love with the mix of patterns and colors on your bedding and headboard. SO CUTE!

i love the changes you've made to your blog. your header is great!

p.s. i think you are marvelously strong woman. i just want to say thank you to you and your hubby for your service!!
xoxo- heather

Kelly said...

Lovely, lovely! All of it!
(my post for this link-up party is coming tomorrow! it involves that laundry room door i was telling you about! :))

Andrea @ Knitty Bitties said...

Ahhh, I love all your bits of lovely. Let me know how the foam core works ... I have another idea if it doesn't ... but by then you'll probably throw that thing away ;). If all else fails, just paint 'cha a wall :).

Love the headboard ... very impressed really by you and your home re-do/crafty/building self. You have debuted the scrap room re-do yet, have you?

Love you and your lovely house!

(Uh-oh ... my word verification says 'reake' ... it's trying to rain on this lovely post.)

Seizing My Day said...

visiting from heathers!! I bought a chalk board for my sparse kitchen walls too!! and I bought a board to make a chalk board for my front door... except I am less inspired now! *sigh*! I am chuckling too b/c I am trying to be creative with fabric for a head board in my bedroom! ha ha! I am thinking fabric on canvas' ?? maybe?!! now to find the time!!