What I Wore Wednesday (on Thursday)

Albeit a bit late (thank you insane iPhoto image sizing), I've done it!  What is What I Wore Wednesday you may be asking yourself?  It was started by this uber talented, lovely lady and she started it as a way to be accountable to herself, to you know get dressed and put some effort into dressing.  My motivation?  To get dressed every day, to put some thought into it, and to allow myself a creative outlet everyday even if it's only in the ten minutes I spend picking out my outfit and photographing it.  Plus, huge motivation to not look like a complete rag-a-muffin on campus or heaven forbid in my classroom (but my students hold me accountable on this one anyway, so no worries).  Plus I think this is pretty good practice for a little project I want to take up this December, as it is going to be a very special and meaningful one for us and a really great preparation for this even bigger project which I'd like to embark on with all the changes we'll be experiencing in these next few days, weeks, months, years.  And who doesn't love to look at what other people all around the world are wearing every week?!  So, without further ado, here is what I wore this week!

today was operation repair shiny new thing's bumper, aka lots of time sitting and waiting with no vehicle = super comfy/lazy outfit for me

{hat: urban outfitters (man I miss that discount), sweatshirt: target, green tank: crazy old-oldnavy, yoga pants: maurices, flip flops: oldnavy}

campus, all day from super early to late in the evening, hence the layers and the scarf

{scarf: theloft (an amazing birthday gift from a friend), t-shirt: wal-mart, white tank: forever21, jeans: maurices, camera strap: knittybitties (I am bananas for this- Mr. Cook not so much, esp. when toting the camera throughout Europe)}

I kid you not, this was the day of "that" awful appointment, but I love my doctor and she is so cute, so yeah I guess you could say I got dressed up

{black dress: target, belt: knittybitties, pupper in background: Idaho Humane Society}

I'm going to be completely honest, the only reason I got dressed today besides WIWW was to go get my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season, so I put on my wedding shoes because I felt like it

{purple tank: (which I layered after looking at this picture, hello cleveland!) olddnavy, jeans: maurices, shoes: charles david, DSW}

Fantasy Football draft day=super comfy outfit and 2nd Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season

{sweatshirt: steve&barry, gray tank: Hane's mens undertanks (?) they're perfect for layering, wal-mart, jeans: maurices, flip flops: flojo's tjmaxx}

go Broncos, incase you haven't heard of them yet, the game was amazing, go Big Blue!

{t-shirt: BroncoShop, tank: Hane's mens undertank wal-mart, jeans: aeropostale (I know but they were half off, and they're cute)}

campus again = lots of layers

{slub cardigan: urban outfitters, black tank: oldnavy, gray lace cami: oldnavy, jeans: aeropostale, purple flats: target}


Kelly said...

You're so cute! I will continue this comment in an email so I don't hurt anyone's feelings. :)

Andrea @ Knitty Bitties said...

Uhm wait a minute? Why would Kelly have to continue a comment in an e-mail not to hurt anyone's feelings? Is she going to say that Summer's sister needs a little work in the "WWIW" department? Or is that just the chip on my shoulder?!?

Seriously, I do need to work on this, but my outfit often changes after morning drop off when I've worked out and showered ... so I better start photographing to prove it :).

So glad you played along. You are too cute (and I can totally see the Body for Life difference ... go you!) and I love ya lots!! Thanks for the plugs too ;).

(That's the sound a kiss makes ... I thought I should clarify because Matt was uber confused and was asking people at work what it meant, LOL!!)

Thomas at a Glance said...

Ha..I seriously love this post. I haven't seen you in a while and you look like you have lost weight! Yay for you. I love all of your outfits too. I can't wait to see what this project is you are referring to.

Jami said...

PLEASE come dress me, i have not dressed decent since joel left, and havent even bothered really doing my hair..... you are way too cute!!! ( i have a wedding next weekend and i am stressing over needing something to wear and shoes) marshall is a lucky guy!

Shira said...

Summer, you are the most adorable person I have ever met--inside and out!

First, I definitely have myself convinced that my number one priority this weekend is to go shopping and buy a full length mirror.

Second, I love how you are able to dress with such personality and style without blowing the bank. What I mean is, the clothes you list come from stores where the general public {me} can afford to shop. It shows that it's more about how you put clothes together than where you bought them or how much you spent.

Third, I think I'm going to hire you as my new personal stylist. Can I pay you in Pumpkin Spice Lattees? I get a 50% Starbucks discount in our Barnes & Noble cafe.

Keep up the daily documentation--your upcoming projects sound awesome!

Princess Jessie Pants said...

You are so cute!! Love the pics. xoxo

PS - Yeah Kelly, why would it hurt our feelings?!?! We want a forwarded response Summer.... :)

summer said...

oh my the drama the drama, suffice it to say kelly didn't say anything about any of you :)

Christy- I updated the links so you can check out my "project", seriously going to need to commit to this one!

Jami-I'm no style expert but let me know if you need help with the wedding outfit! That's why I'm doing WIWW, so many days I just don't bother when Marshall isn't home and I decided that wasn't very good for me or the people who have to see me!

Shira- I love you! Of course I will happily take payment in the form of Starbucks- just what I need more caffeine coursing through my veins!

Yay for Body for Life although I have totally slipped with school stress and I can already see it- must get back on track!