Around Here

It has been a whirlwind around the *new* Cook residence.  After living with Mr. Cook's best friend for the better half of a year, and moving back in with my parents while waiting to hear about our "short" sale, we finally have our first home!  There have already been many countless trials, but also some triumphs :)

Trial #1:  The prior owners took the water softener.  While it was upsetting, I wasn't too worried b/c it was listed in our disclosure and on the MLS...however, when they took the water softener, they didn't bother to re-connect the pipes.  Say hello to trying to move two households into one, with no running water = no toilet. 

Triumph, er solution, #1:  An improvised toilet, e.g. a bucket of water used to fill up the water tank of the toilet.  Classy, no...Necessary, yes.

Trial #2:  Blinds in my craft area were not adequately supported.  This delightful discovery was made at 5 in the morning, whilst in bathrobe.  Wanting to do some blog reading in my bathrobe I attempted to lower and close the blinds.  And I did, in a way, lower them.  They came crashing down with a thud.  Bonus = no broken blinds :)

{my seemingly innocent, nemesis}

Triumph #2:  Blinds tackled and wrangled while still in bathrobe, much to Clover's dismay.  Happy to say no more threat of indecent exposure to neighbors. 

Trial #3:  Welcome to the jungle, we've got fun and games!  Evidently the prior owners weren't very motivated to maintain their dirt lot of a backyard, look my very own meadow!

Triumph #3:  After nearly 7 hours in some of the only hot weather we've had this year, my dad and I weed whacked, raked and bagged 21 bags full of meadow.  At present there is industrial weed enemy all over the "yard" so no pictures of this accomplishment.  Now to determine when we will put a back yard in.  I'm thinking this is one project reserved for Mr. Cook, he'll be home by spring so plenty of time to install a sprinkler system and get some sod layed!

Stay tuned for more trials and triumphs (including my re-wiring of a $30 craigslist dryer, the replacement of the fridge valve in my other craigslist find so we can utilize the exciting feature of in door ice and water, and my update on a dining room hand-me-down) !


Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

have you guys watched money pit yet? my husband and i did that while we were up to our armpits in remodel work in our first home and we laughed like never before. very fun!

thanks for joining in the giveaway fun on my little blog. hope you are having a happy day!

Andrea said...

Okay, I think I've said it before, but I'll say it again ... I'm so proud of you and your DIY self. You haven't sat around and boo-whoo'd (well maybe a little behind closed doors, but that is understandable) ... you've just started getting things done.

Marshall is coming home to a wonderful place!

summer said...

trying not to do too much, afterall what would a marriage be without some honey-dos, like sprinkler systems and sod? ;)