Studio Calico: Documentary Collection

After barely surviving two weeks without internet, I hit my blogs hard when it was up and running again...and I may have stayed up late one evening doing so.  But I am so glad I did.  Or I wouldn't have seen this beauty:

Don't get too excited, the hop is over.  But it was a really cool way to see all of the awesome ideas that Studio Calico's Design Team came up with using the new (so new it's not even available for purchase yet) Documentary Collection ...which I am freakishly obsessed with.  I like to think that I have fairly decent blog world karma- I read religiously, leave comments and er, do my best to keep my own blog updated (like I said fairly decent)- but I rarely expect to see my name pop up on a list of give-away winners...

And then I did!

And I may have freaked out a little bit.  Clover was very confused by the scene of my doing a jig in my comfies around the house.  It was a very happy surprise to find out that I was chosen as Davinie's winner (especially after a not so fun, very early morning trip to the dentist, which followed a pit stop at my favorite bagel shop only to discover no wallet- awesome- 2 cavities on an empty stomach = none good). 

Here's a glimpse of some of the goodies soon to be arriving at my *new* doorstep!



{Camera Shy}


{Window Seat}


Can't wait to get my fun mail with my Partly Sunny kit- I am seriously loving being a Studio Calico subsriber, and it's saving us tons of unnecessary 'trips' to Archivers, Joann's and Michael's for supplies that sit.  Thank you Studio Calico's brainchild- April, for putting together cohesive kits that I can't wait to see every month!  Lots to document this summer with my new collection, and some sharing to do with this girl (whose karma should be a whole lot better than mine):

{Mother's Day '10}


Your Sister said...

What? Mom's going to start scrapbooking? Isn't that cute! ;)
Glad you're plugged back in ... it's SO good to have a break, but two weeks and I might have died, LOL.
And did you read Stephanie Howell's news? I knew you'd be excited about that too!
Love ya ... lets have a scrappy date next week or the week after ... I'll need to time to prepare and print some pictures and find some inspiration. Plus we'll need food and drink to keep me going ...

Love you!

summer said...

ha ha, I think mom is set with my afghan for a while :) yes! how amazing is that?! twins! I wonder if they'll both be girls? Scrappy date, sounds like a plan. I'll give you a ring in a bit.

Mom said...

Scrapping - I THINK NOT!!! You two do enough for me and 1/2 my friends! Finally checking blogs - read your Andrea but decided to just comment here. Love you both - looking forward to lunch Tuesday.