Our house, is a very very very fine house

With two pups in the yard- yes two!  Among other changes at the Cook residence, we've acquired another little miss.  Well I suppose we didn't acquire her, it was more like I saw her being given away in a litter of six other blue heeler/border collie mixes at a gas station and I couldn't resist.  We've been talking about another dog for quite a while, but my timing left Mr. Cook feeling a bit left out...no fear, I let him name her and I send pictures so I'm not the worst wife in the world.  And here she is, Jasmine, who I like to call Jazz, Jazzy Dog, or Jazzy Fay for short, because we all need a little variety right?

{believe me, I know}

And her and Clover dog get along pretty famously for the most part.  This was a big motivation for getting a second dog in the first place- Clover needed the company.  Or at least that's how we justified it to ourselves :)

{two, er, dogs in a pod}

Did you see that thing on the left?  No, not what the dogs were looking at- the table?!  I've finished re-finishing it!  And I'm pretty pleased with it.  Of course I did not document the steps, which I think is okay, b/c I'm not sure your Mr. would love the process I went through to get my new digs.  Pretty sure mine wouldn't be very happy if he new the deets, but it's okay, b/c like you, he only gets to see the end result.


{before, um Southwest?}

{after lots of sanding, ebony staining, black spraypainting the chairs and table legs, fabric stapling, and lots of pupper sniffering}

Did you see that other thing- in the before picture, on the left?  That crazy wood paneled fridge?   Even crazier, we bought it that way, it didn't come with the house :)  Although it's prior finish eerily matched the cabinets and the old look of the dining table.  A bit too matchy, matchy, scary country for me.  So what's a girl to do (besides replace the fridge valve- by herself?!)?  Fix it of course.


{see what I mean, scary match}


{oh, there you are, happy fridge complete with newly functioning water and ice in door}

And there you have it a little sneak into some of the projects I've been busying myself with.  Happy Tuesday, I'm off to lunch!


Andrea said...

Ah, I love it! The new table (a lot), the fridge (a little) and the new pup (the most) :D. I am so proud of you and your DIY self. It would take me 3 years to motivate that kind of end result. I'm more of a thinker-upper than a doer :).
Can't wait to see all of them in person. Next week's craft/sister date will be at your pad.

However, I wish you would have started this post with ... 'Come-a-my house, my house a-come on' :).

See you in a few!

Princess Jessie Pants said...

Wooo!! I'm proud of you Sum! I don't think I could do that. I've been crying about my table for years & it still isn't refinished. Did you just spray it with black spray paint? Or did you do a finish on it? It looks beautiful!! And the fridge looks SOOOO much better - I like it. Your new pup is way too cute too. So happy for you! xoxo

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

love how you changed up your fridge and table set. i just love what a little spray paint and stain can do for a girl! :)

thanks for joining in the giveaway fun over at my blog. hope your day is a happy one.

Thomas at a Glance said...

Oh I love both of them! You did such a good job. I really love the chairs on your table. You are so talented. Congrats on the new puppy. Christy

Wes & Renee said...

Hmm - the 'our house is a very fine house' tune kind of sticks doesn't it! Especially when you have the two dogs. And look - 4 comments - you must now have ARRIVED in the blog world. Probably much more current terminology to describe it - but back from when I was alive this is how we would have said it! Love you - and love the pics of your 'girls'.

summer said...

aw thanks you guys! a little bit o' happy until we can upgrade and get new things :) and I'm pretty okay with that- although the girls are beginning to wonder with all the projects going on around here ;) Jessie I will e-mail you how I accomplished this, but please don't tell Tim, ha!

summer said...

Nice work! I'm impressed!