January 7, 2009

Overslept.  Not a huge surprise given last night's 'activities'.  Mr. Cook was at work while I burnt a plethora of our wedding pictures for his aunt.  A trip into town to visit his grandma in the hospital, pick up dry-cleaning and to fuel up at Costco.  Nothing too thrilling.  The hospital was rough.  We got home enjoyed a dinner cooked by my dad (one of the nicer things about living at home again), Marshall watched the BCS championship bowl while I indulged in some House Hunters and Real Housewives (I just cannot help myself)! 

Early in the day in the midst of many a CDs burning, I caught Clover and Lucky watching something out the window together.  I couldn't for the life of me see what it was.  Lucky gave up (knowing that no one was going to let her out to get 'it') but our darling girl kept at it for minutes, hours.  Adorable. 

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