I'm so bad at sticking to anything...

Here goes again.  Notice still no pictures/video on prior posts?  And definitely no post every day.  Hrmph.  Uh well.

There have been a lot of changes taking place around here (my parent's house- residence while Mr. Cook is deployed).  One such change:  The Black Dog Rescue Project.

The other night my mom and I were catching up (I had been dogsitting for someone else's fur children, more to come on that) when we heard a noise at the door.  I asked her to see what it is (far be it from me to look?) and she yelped, "I think there's a bear on the porch!" 

1.  You have to know my mother to understand how funny this is, because she was being entirely sincere
2.  They may live in the country but they certainly don't live in bear country
3.  I laughed and looked out the door
4.  I saw a very mangey, dog

The decision was made, if "Big Dog" was still there in the morning we would make a plan of action. Of course he was, sleeping on the welcome mat.  Correct.  "Welcome to our Home".  Not only is he adorable, but also literate.  After determining the pound was not an option we decided to search for a home for this week, if we hadn't found one or his potential owners we would then get him look at by a vet, take him to the groomer and welcome him into the black dog rescue.  Both Clover and Lucky have taken a fancy to him and so have the three of us.  Mr. Cook has even named him Brutus- which I like much better than Big Dog.


Andrea said...

Seriously? There are now three large dogs at Mom & Dad's ... oh joy!

Too bad I wasn't there, I would have set you both straight with my cold heart and shipped him out of there. You do know you can take him to the pound and request to be called before anything happens, right? ;)

summer said...

ha ha I know I know, although I was actually the cold hearted one this time, I wouldn't even look at him till the next day b/c I knew what would happen to me! There is no pound in New Plymouth :( and the second chance shelter is full. Dad is taking him today to check and see if he has a microchip- evidently he is a very expensive hunting dog? Glad I have a reader :)

Wes & Renee said...

Let's try this again! Andrea - no pound in Payette County - I thought that was pretty strange. Big Dog doesn't have a chip - so he may be hanging around awhile. But he is oh so sweet natured - much less rambunctions than the crazy wild sometimes neurotic :) girls! Summer - great pictures of the menagerie - but where is Elvis?!