January 6, 2009

Today was a wonderful day.  We slept in, woke up mozied around, did a little reading, a little Facebooking and then watched a terrible movie together.  Which most people would not find to be a productive use of time, but did we ever.  Sometimes there is nothing better than watching a really awful movie and being able to poke fun at it (do not rent Beyond a Reasonable Doubt- unless of course you are entertained by bad movies!).  At least the rental was only a dollar.  Following the movie we got dressed in our finery and went into Nampa (our old homestead of 6 months- where Mr. Cook and I lived with Mr. Cook's best friend- not a desirable living condition and a very pricey rent to boot).  We went to an awesome North-Western Cuisine restuarant, Brick 29.  We received a giftcard to the restaurant for our wedding so we thought we should put it to use before Mr. Cook left.  Yum-O.  I had the lamb shank he had the buffalo steak, a cup of tomato bisque and a bowl of french onion, top it off with a bottle of the Simi Cabarnet Sauvignon '06, and a creme brulee. 

And then we got 'the' call.  One of Marshall's buddies hurt himself snowboarding and was in the hospital, since we were in 'town' anyway we thought we should go.  A comical visit with Jo-Jo's family and the okay from the doctors we made the long trek home and promptly slumbered away our dinner.  (Joe is going on the deployment as well so the injury was worrisome for everybody- but the doctors gave him the go ahead so while his flight be more uncomfortable than the rest of the guys he will still be going)

No picture for today (I'll do this- I promise- I'm trying?!) but a link to Brick 29 ought to suffice?

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