I'm joining the bandwagon of thankfulness (inspired by her, her and her).  I'd been planning to do a daily post in November about thankfulness, but several days had already passed and I thought I'd missed my bloggy chance once again.

But I miss blogging...a lot.  I miss writing something other than lesson plans or parent e-mails.  I need adult interaction, even if it's only on these internets.  And I need to express some gratitude.  Public education is in a very strange/challenging/awkward phase in Idaho right now, kind of like the majority of my students are in life.  As a result, most of the words and thoughts I'm surrounded by for 40+ hours of my week are less than thankful or positive.

So I'm going to be thankful and gracious...even if it's already day 20.  So bare with me as the posts come rolling in.  I want to be able to look back year after year and remember all that makes me thankful.

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