Thankful: Days 1-5

Day 1: My teaching position.

It is a challenge.  It is a blessing.  It is overwhelming.  Everyday I have the opportunity to impact the lives of my students, to change our city, our state and our world with the words and thoughts I choose to express and teach.  I am so incredibly grateful for this gift.

Day 2: Soccer and community.

I wanted to push myself to get to know other teachers besides my mentors.  And I needed to commit to some any form of exercise.  So when I got the e-mail to join the women's soccer team The Bullshooters, I replied with "yes!" before I could second guess myself.  It has been a great way to exercise, socialize and work through my stress.  (And a bonus for the Mr. smooth legs every Monday)

Day 3: My health.

I don't always make the best choices when it comes to what I eat, drink or how often I exercise.  I don't always take care of myself and listen to my body.  But I am so thankful my body is healthy.  Today one of my students lost their mother from an illness they only found out about three weeks earlier.  I cannot even imagine that kind of weight at such a vulnerable age.  Health is often something I take for granted.

Day 4: The garden.

Thankful to finally have a space to garden.  I love time spent in solace with dirt under my nails.  Today I put the garden to bed.  Harvested the lavender and the herbs.  Pruned the bushes.  Dug up the bulbs.  I can't wait for the spring to start the garden again.  But I'm also happy to spend the time I would have gardening, curled up with a good book.

Day 5: Good friends.

{Matt and Shira at their beautiful wedding 10.15.11, Marshall and I were both in the bridal party}

Grateful for new friends that are quickly become great friends.  Our friends Matt and Shira have been such a blessing to us.  Tonight Matt and Marshall watched football while Shira and I got our nails done and made book paper dahlias.  It is so nice to have friends who are also a married couple, that we like individually and together.

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