The last of the shiny things!

Last winter, Mr. Cook made fun of my fear of driving in the snow.  It was a very snowy winter here in Idaho and we had a daily commute of 30+ minutes each way.  I know how to drive in the snow, I've lived here my whole life, but I grew up driving a Jeep, that handled really well in the snow.  The cobalt, while it was cute, speedy, and had really low miles, was the snow's nemesis.  And Mr. Cook found this out one day when we traded vehicles.  "I can't believe you've been driving this," he said.  I know.  So we discussed maybe getting a new car...sometime.  And then I got home from Europe and had a flat tire, which was really no big deal.

Until the tire shop informed me that all of the tires needed replaced.  Mr. Cook's response?  "Why don't you start car shopping then?"  I happily obliged.  I have never gotten to go car shopping before, let alone pick out a car.  And while I was sad to see these happy fellas go, I may be able to find a new home for them...

One that looks like this:

It's going to be a good fall semester.  


Andrea @ Knitty Bitties said...

Well gosh this week is sure going to be a let down ... with school starting and no major spending sprees ... what shall you do?!?! :)

Can't wait to go for a ride in the 'loaf of bread/toaster' ... maybe Friday?

My word verification says 'uplint' which makes me wonder if this car will need a lint roller to get up all the dog hair? Or will they have to ride in the back?

Princess Jessie Pants said...

SUPER fun Summer!!! And school this week, at least you get to drive your cute new car to school. :) Is this your last year?

Shiny things are very fun...enjoy them!!


PS I LOVE your blog - it looks amazing. :)

summer said...

Aw you girls are the best! And yes Andrea I shall take you for a spin in the loaf :) Right now I have 3 personalized plates in the running, we'll see which one the state chooses :) School is plenty shiny, no let down, I'm so excited to almost be done (graduation in the spring) and meet my kids! And I'm happy for a spending free break, all this shiny has nearly given me panic attacks!

Word verification side note: yikes mine is pregann, and we all know how scary our baby could look :) and the pups will be riding in the back thanks to my German 9 euro pupper hammock!

summer said...
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Jami said...

she is a beauty! big enough to fit my kids, jk!! Good pickings!