I don't know what it is about me, but nesting is not only a hobby but a serious coping mechanism.  Thankfully there is an endless array of things to be organized, groceries to be purchased and cooked, and inspiring images to dream about. 

Mr. Cook and I are in what feels like the purgatory of home buying, stellar to be able to get such great deals in the market but also super disappointing to have only short sales and foreclosures as your options.  With that being said we *may* be getting close to actually getting our very first home.  The last time I saw this lovely abode was in November, when we put our offer in, so today our realtor took me back to get a refresher.  Problem: 3 hours to kill between interning at the high school and said meeting.  Solution: obsessive compulsive shopping at an adorable gift shop in Kuna, exploring our future 'town', and a blackberry margarita with an incredible friend (in a very similar boat) to take the edge off. 

Feeling very homey right now and so inspired by some incredible images, like:

Mr. Cook has a vendetta against all things headboard, I on the other hand am a huge fan.  Solution:  a super squishy, comfy, and inexpensive headboard (that I can change with my moods and plethora of bedding) to read against...seriously, we are old souls.

Seriously, so un-necessary it becomes necessary, a garland of springy happy birds strewn about.  Pretty sure I would make a fabulous ceiling 'vignette' of these.

Oi vay!  This line, Liberty, makes me go bannanas.  I want one of everything in everycolor.  Seriously, an incredible combination of amazing pattern, color and genius.  Who doesn't need a fabulous filing box or a matching dress?

And I just cannot get enough of the Cecilia and Gunilla textiles from IKEA...my Mecca.

Happy Nesting!


Marshall Cook said...

I have no problem with headboards. My distaste is with IKEA. There is a reason all their stuff is so cheap. Lets just remember the coffee table.

summer said...

ha- Mr.Cook made an appearance :) My Mecca is his own Hades- nice. so can i make the headboard? ;)

Shira said...

Summer, I love your blog--it is so entertaining and the commentary is so perfectly you. I hope you continue to keep up with it so I can enjoy "being with you" even when I don't see you :)

P.S. Do you still have "Big Dog"? He is adorable!

Julie T. said...

My first visit to your "blog world"! I'm hooked! Good job!

summer said...

Thanks Julie! Shira- big dog who is now simply Big is still with us, and *ugh* shedding like mad! But still adorable none the less.