A little of my everyday

I'm participating in Ali Edward's, "A Week in the Life" project.  I have always loved the way she documents her everyday and I have often found myself struggling with whether or not my story is really worth telling.  She does an incredible job of validating the documenting process, whether you are a mother, a wife of a single college student- the important aspect about telling your story is actually telling it.  And I'm finding it more important the older wiser I get to document my life as it is in that moment.  It may not be perfect right now but I want to remember these times and what we were going through. 

This is a little snapshot of life in New Plymouth right now.  I thought it would be silly to capture this, since I don't really live in New Plymouth, it is a temporary situation.  But all too true to form, one day after taking this photo Mr. Cook and I received a clean bill of health for our new home.  The appraisal is scheduled and documents are updated.  Closing is around the corner.  If I hadn't taken the time to document what I thought was unimportant I may have never remembered spring time in New Plymouth and the baby calves I got to pass everyday on my way home from class.


Andrea said...

I can't wait to see your album when it's done. And I bet you'll look back on this time at Dad & Mom's with lots of happy thoughts. Running in the country with you was great ... maybe we'll have to do that again before you move on :).

summer said...

well i suppose it will still be running in the country won't it ;)