Outdoor Loving

Oh hey there, I've been gone a loooooong time.  But since I'm at home sick (again) today, I thought I'd take advantage of some downtime and dream of what the Mr. and I will be doing with the backyard this spring...assuming that our spring weather ever gets well, springy.

When I went to Lowe's during my extremely productive Spring Break (more to come on that) I spied concrete paint.  Oh. to. the. no.  (If you're Mr. Cook) Otherwise it was like all of my hatred for the ugly concrete slab had been set free.  I want to paint it in a chevron pattern like that awesome little pic above.  But with these colors:

Source: hgtv.com via Summer on Pinterest

One cannot go too crazy with color after all when the Mr. is allowing you to paint (seriously?!) the concrete.  Ask me again when I'm in the middle of painting if I'm still this excited.

Color scheme, red and aqua everywhere else of course.  It may seem tired or overdone to some but I love it, it's what I'm going for in our kitchen and living room (since they're one big open space) and I see the patio as an extension of that.  But time telling I will change my mind, which is why when I would really like to get this:

I will get this:

And jazz it up with some of these:

I've missed you.  Now time to go get something accomplished before I return to The Fury tomorrow.


Andrea @ Knitty Bitties said...

Oh no!! I was afraid that's why you were blog reading at 9AM on a weekday. Boo! Your nephew is once again sick too ... 102.9 fever when he got home from school. So sick of the sick. O to the NO on another week of this.
Thinking of you! Love you!

Kelly said...

I'm sorry you're sick but so happy to see you back here! I too can't wait for the weather to shape up a bit. After three years of living here, the disaster of a backyard that came with this house is finally looking pretty good! I bet the concrete paint will be fun! Maybe not to do but the end result :)

Mom said...

I was surprised and excited that you had a new post - but am sorry you are (were) sick. You are supposed to call your mom so she can mother you when you are sick~ Hope you are all better now. Love your ideas for the patio and that Marshall is going along with them!