Lovely Love Day

Hoping your love day was as wonderful as mine (although my love day was more of an extended weekend of lovely things).  The girls were feeling quite festive after their day at the doggie day spa.  Lucky loved it, Clover is well our Clover girl.

Marshall had a beautiful boquet of irises and tulips delivered, complete with teddy bear and chocolates.  Very sweet that he goes to the effort to make this day special even while he is gone.  The delivery got here early and my dad attempted to wait until Valentine's Day to give me my gift, but he started to worry about the flowers.

I got to enjoy Saturday morning with my favorite nephew (post-early birthday celebration) eating peanut butter and jelly waffles and hanging out in his fort for just a little longer.  Then it was off to the big ol' city of Nampa (our old homestead) for a date with my mom and sister.  A quick browse in one of our favorite fabric stores and yarn shops (Fabrique and Ewephoria!) while we waited for the Ethan exchange.  Then it was off to enjoy a delicious and super decadent breakfast at Cafe de Coco.  Cinnamon Roll as appetizer? Check.  Coke and Milky Way espresso? Check.  Crab Cheddar Melt with pasta salad and fresh pineapple? Check.  So good, so bad.  Then off to see Valentine's Day.  There is nothing quite like getting to see McSteamy with his shirt off and the all star cast.  Two of Marshall's favorite Jessica's were in the film, Jessica Biel and Jessica Alba- I guess I can see their appeal. 

Home for a quick nap and enough time to get ready for my second date of the day with Paula Ballerina.  A scrumptious Mongolian BBQ dinner (we figured and rightly so, that Mongolian wouldn't be crowded like other restaurants) and then The Trey McIntyre project.  Marshall and I got to see them in Sun Valley this summer at a marriage retreat, very cool contemporary dance.  It was more impressive with my honey but their new set Wild Sweet Love was pretty incredible- great music and very love themed.

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Andrea said...

Glad I got to help celebrate ... your next one should be an extra special homecoming! :) Love you!