What I Wore Wednesday: Throughout July

I thought about posting my Yellowstone finery, but really I'm sure you wouldn't care to see me in my hiking gear or old concert t-shirts.  Nor did I need accountability getting dressed those days, since both the Mr., myself and our friends were all looking a bit ragamuffin.

I will tell you this: short hair (my day old short hair) was amazing on this trip!  Having to go days between showers and no time for styling made me so happy about my decision to cut off the length.  I have always loved short hair and having it, but I have been challenging myself (since our wedding) to grow it out.  The truth of the matter is: I was never doing anything with my hair besides wearing it down and occasionally curling it.  All it took was a cute Pinterest picture and I was done for.

Before and After

But on with it!  After our Yellowstone trip I clearly needed some accountability, as these are the only days I put myself together.  Friends: I have let myself go this summer.  And school is only four weeks away.  I shudder at the thought of looking professional again.  Oi vay.  

Shirt: Old Navy
Shorts: The WalMarts (back from my BWW days)
Sandals: JcPenny's
Necklace: Lucky via Macy's

Ghetto Pool Time {to celebrate a much loved friend and colleague's last day in Idaho}

Cover-up: Old Navy
Fedora: Men's Urban Outfitters (I've got a big noggin
Shoes: JcPenny's

Maxi: Macy's

Sister Date with a Tag Along Nephew

Shirt: ShineProject via GroopDealz
Yoga Pants: Costco
Flip Flops: JcPenny's
Bike: Old men's Huffy, survived a few rounds of my sorry attempts to spray paint it, my giving in to the professionals who powder coated it and told me all of the components were now bunk, and a year at the other professional who rebuilt everything except for the frame.  A word of advice: buy a bike you ♥.

3 Year Anniversary: Date Night!

Dress: Forever21
Necklace: JcPenny's
Shoes: JcPenny's ($8!)

Mustache Birthday Party for Korbin's First Birthday

Mustaches: Complements of my new SilhoutteCameo and some liquid latex
Top: JcPenny's

An Olympic Themed Bunko!

Despite telling everyone else to be sure to wear colors of the Olympics emblem, yours truly forgot.  So I threw on a cardigan for our photo opp.  Photo complements of the Mr.  Hence the sweet foreground of our kitchen counter :)  I love this group of ladies; Bunko is a fabulous 'vacation' from the everyday once a month!

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Karri said...

Popping in from Pleated Poppy....love your maxi dress. and the yellow bike!

Rachel said...

I love your cover-up! I need to finally commit to one.


Katie said...

love your green and white cover up and hat - so cute! I start school in 3 1/2 weeks - SO not ready!

PolkaDottyPlace said...

Love your striped top and cover up! Here's to soaking up the last moments of summer :)

Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

I think you look great in all these outfits! I am a little bit jealous of you being able to wear swim clothes and shorts during the day... sometimes I wish I was a teacher too!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog - so glad to have found yours too! Oh and happy 3 year anniversary!

Emily said...

Such cute looks!! You are so adorable!